The Growing Popularity of Egg Food Diets
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff


Egg food can provide a refreshing change from your bird's day-to-day diet. Birds crave variety, and a healthy surprise often means the difference between a bored and a happy bird.

European aviculturists, who have been raising birds for generations, take pride in feeding their birds a protein rich diet, especially the birds they use for breeding. Using egg as a base to make crumbly cakes, they add fresh ingredients, making sure to select the right fresh foods for the type of bird. That ensures their particular bird will get what she needs to stay healthy - and the egg base provides high protein no matter what the species.Following the Europeans' lead, many American bird owners are feeding their birds egg-based foods. Some have begun to cook eggs and make the food themselves, but this can be time consuming. An easier choice is a pre-formulated diet like Quiko, an egg-rich baked cake that is already crumbled to make it simple to mix and feed.

Quiko comes in several different varieties so that you can give your bird the base she needs for her particular species. In addition, what you chose to add to the food will make certain that your bird receives the right nutrition.

Fresh food for a balanced diet… Fruit/Vegies

Packaged egg food is richer and has more protein than most other foods. This is why it is important to use this food as a change of pace from a regular diet and to be sure you add ingredients that make up a balanced diet. Fresh ingredients can also help moisten the food. Some ideas we have for added ingredients include:

  • Carrots or other fresh vegetables, chopped
  • Chopped fruit
  • Sprouts
  • Cooked pasta, beans, or rice
  • Fruit juices