Better Bird Treats Selection Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Healthy Treats for a Healthy Life
Could your bird stand to lose a little weight? Perhaps he's not exercising enough in (or out of) his cage. Or, you've fed too many treats too often. Or, his treats simply contain more calorie-packed carbohydrates than his body needs.

Whether you need to bring your bird out of obesity or ensure he never gets there, you should regularly serve treats with minimal seeds and added sugar. While these ingredients are extremely delicious – and ok in limited quantities – they can quickly add weight to your feathered friend's tiny frame. It's never too late to restock your bird's treat cupboard with healthier (yet still fun and tasty) offerings.

Best for Bread Fans If your bird loves to pick apart bready treats, he'll adore high-protein certified organic Harrison Bird Bread Mix which also makes a great meal alternative or transitional food.

Cater to Crunch-Lovers A variety of healthful treats offers powerful crunch and positive nutrition. If he favors cookie-like treats, try Harrison Power Treats, Parrot Biscuits. Just Fruits and Just Veggies offer big crunch in every freeze-dried piece.

Satisfying Softer Treats If you'd rather serve fresh greens or moist treats, try Pet Greens Self-Grow Kit, Kabobs stacked with fresh fruits and or veggies, or San Francisco Bay Instant Treats.

Be sure treats never exceed 10% of your bird's daily food intake.
Biscuit Treat Holder

Harrison Bird Bread Mix

Nutri-Puffs Sprouting Pot San Francisco Bay Instant Treats