Bearded Dragon Crossword
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Fill in the words to learn interesting facts about Bearded Dragons.

5 Bearded Dragons are native to _________. 1 One way Bearded Dragons try to scare predators is to ____.
8 A Bearded Dragon may raise one of its front legs and move it in a circular motion to show ____________. 2 _________ are highly poisonous to Bearded Dragons.
9 A Bearded Dragon will regularly shed its ____. 3 Like humans, Bearded Dragons can see in _____.
10 A Bearded Dragon's tail can makeup up to half its ______. 4 Bearded Dragons will change their color to absorb more or less _____.
6 When a female lays eggs, there can be up to 20 eggs in a ______.
7 Bearded Dragons like to bask in ________ during the day.