Dog Shed Control: Our Recommendations
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

What you should know about shedding

Almost every day we hear pet owners bemoan how much their pet is shedding. They see hair everywhere – on their furniture, clothes and in the car. They think something must be wrong with their pet and wonder what they can do about it.

Even though there seems like an endless supply of hair, the truth is, that in most cases this shedding is perfectly normal. If the coat has a good shine, and there are no bald spots or areas of abnormally sparse hair, chances are your pet is experiencing the normal hair cycle in which old hairs are pushed out as new ones form.

What do we recommend for pets who are shedding? In one word, grooming. Brushing your pet with a de-shedding tool helps remove these old hairs. Brushing is best done on a routine basis. Veterinary dermatologists advise that brushing a few minutes on a regular basis is better than brushing for hours sporadically. Regular brushing will greatly decrease the chance that painful mats can form or that skin problems go unrecognized. Another hint – always brush your pet before a bath, as well as after. Mats only get worse once they are wet. Mats are painful and can damage the skin, so prevention is key. If your pet has developed larger mats, we recommend that a veterinarian or groomer remove them to lessen the risk of more damage to the skin.

Shedding that results in a thin coat or bald spots should be checked by your veterinarian. This can be one of the first signs of several hormonal diseases as well as parasitic infections.

Quality shed control products help you keep your
home and clothing pet hair free:
  • Remove pet hair from clothing with a rolling cleaner, such as the Evercare® Pet Hair Roller, before you head off to work.

  • While you are away, keep chairs and couches clean with a hair-catching Furniture Throw.

  • If you’d prefer your pet not be on the furniture at all, the Scat Mat uses mild yet startling static to warn your pet away. Or, try an X-Mat to safely keep your pet away from off-limit areas.

  • For removing undercoat that can be a leading source of shedding, nothing beats the FURminator® deShedding Tool. Comb through your pet’s haircoat to remove the loose hair under the top coat, and you will lessen your shedding problem considerably.
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