Pharmacy Spotlight: Deramaxx®
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Spotlight on Deramaxx

  • Medication type: Prescription-only, coxib-class (cox-2 inhibitor) non-steroid antiinflammatory drug (NSAID)

  • Active ingredient: Deracoxib

  • Dosage form: Chewable tablet

  • Manufacturer: Novartis

  • Generic Form: None

  • Major use: For the treatment of pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis in dogs.

  • How it works: Deramaxx controls symptoms of inflammation, including swelling, redness, heat, and most especially pain. Coxib-class drugs inhibit the cells' production of prostaglandins, which are chemicals made by cells that perform specific functions, such as triggering inflammation.


Dog's Name: Luka
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Age: 9 years

Great Pyrenees His story: Luka was an active, slender Great Pyrenees with a beautiful white coat. When he was a young adult, he ran with his owner, Henry. Running around the yard when he was 5 years of age, Luka ruptured a ligament in his left knee, requiring surgery. After his recovery, Henry changed his exercise routine to long walks on the paths by his home. Henry always kept Luka thin, and made sure he exercised daily. As he got to be a senior, though, Luka slowed down quite a bit, and no longer wanted to go on the long walks he used to love. Henry was concerned and took him to his veterinarian, who diagnosed him with osteoarthritis in the left knee, where his surgery had been. This often happens to dogs as they get older. Luka's veterinarian prescribed Deramaxx® to help with the arthritis pain.

Outcome: Luka is comfortable now and is able to walk the paths with Henry once again. His veterinarian tested Luka's blood after 3 months, and now he gets it tested every 6 months. So far he has had no gastrointestinal problems with Deramaxx®.

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