Cat Grooming Combs & Brushes Comparison Chart
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Which brush or comb is right for you?
Your cat understands the importance of good coat health. After all, she spends as much as 2-1/2 hours per day grooming herself. And considering she sleeps up to 18 hours per day, that means a significant portion of her day is spent self-grooming. But you can help your cat maintain her coat health with frequent brushings.
Which brush or comb is right for you?

In fact, grooming your feline friend can help reduce hair matting, eliminate hairballs, and maintain her coat beauty. But making sense of all the brushes, combs, slickers, shedding combs, and rubber curry brushes available on the market can be confusing. Use this informative comparison chart to help you decide which type of brush or comb best suits your cat's grooming needs.

  Uses Unique Features
Medium Soft Slicker • Comb out loose or dead hair
• Remove dander and debris
Lightweight, ergonomic design eases grooming with minimal hand fatigue
GripSoft Cat Slicker • Comb out loose or dead hair
• Remove debris and dander
Slanted head minimizes hand fatigue and maximizes your cat's comfort
Matbreakers • Remove mats and tangles without loss of hair length Reversible stainless steel blades allow right- or left-handed use
Dual-Sided Cat Brush • Untangle mats and snarls
• Release natural coat oils
Dual-sided all-in-one design removes tangles AND speeds general brushing
Love Glove • Remove dirt, dust, and dead hair
• Also works on furniture, fabrics, and carpet
One-size-fits-all glove lets you groom while you pet - and bond - with your cat
Shedding Comb • Remove loose or dead hair Available in two styles, with tines suited for either long- or short-haired breeds
Shedding Blade • Remove loose or dead hair Larger blade covers more surface area for quicker grooming
FURminator • Remove undercoat and loose hair to reduce hair consumption and hairballs Stainless steel de-shedding blade and ergonomic handle