Rat Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut: Rat Crossword
Fill in the words to find interesting facts about Rats.
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5 6
11 12

1. A male rat is called a _________.

5. Rats have ________ that grow continuously throughout their life.

6. A rat's main food should be _____________.

8. In order for your rat to get the exercise he needs, offer him an __________ __________ to run in.

9. It's important to make sure that your rat's cage bottom isn't completely wire in order to prevent him from getting _______________.

11. Before you take your rat out of his cage to play, you should ___________ __________ the room.


2. Rats are _______________, which means they are most active at dusk and dawn.

3. Another name for a baby rat is a __________.

4. A ___________ rat has exotic coat colors and can have different coat types.

5. Rats are very smart pets and need ______________ to keep them happy and active.

7. A ___________ ___________ is a good way to offer your rat a quiet place to sleep and rest.

10. A _________ is another name for a female rat.

12. A baby rat is sometimes called a ___________.

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