Mouse Glossary of Terms
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Mouse Glossary of Terms
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Bedding refers to wood shavings that you should put in the bottom of the cage. Put about 2" to 3" of bedding in the cage for your mouse to play, dig, burrow, and sleep in.

Your mouse will live in a cage, and the best cages to use are wire cages with a 1/4" spacing or glass aquariums.

Chew toys
Like other rodents, mice have teeth that keep growing, so they need wood chew toys to wear their teeth down.

Daily diet
A daily diet is what an animal needs to eat each day. Your mouse should eat a pellet diet mixed with a grain and seed mix each day. You should also feed your mouse a very small amount of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Exercise wheel
An exercise wheel entertains your mouse when he's in his cage and helps him get the exercise he needs. Make sure to get one with a solid surface.

Fancy mice
Fancy mice are a breed of the domestic mouse, and they come in lots of different coat colors.

Food dish
Your mouse will eat his food out of a shallow, ceramic bowl called a food dish.

An herbivore is an animal that eats only plants, no meat. Mice are herbivores, but they have been known to eat pretty much anything.

Nest box
A nest box is a wooden, cardboard, or ceramic box that your mouse will use to hide, sleep, and play in.

Nest material
Nesting material is soft bedding that you put in your mouse's cage and nest box. He will burrow and sleep in his nesting material.

Nocturnal animals are most active and awake at night and sleep most of the day. Mice are nocturnal, and the best time to play with them is after it gets dark.

Spiny mice
Spiny mice are a breed of mouse that have short, more bristly fur.

A tame animal is one that lets you hold him and play with him.

Because mice are so active, their toys need to be fun and provide them with exercise. Fun toys your mice will like include chew toys, tunnels, exercise wheels, and tubes.

Water bottle
Your mouse should drink water out of a water bottle. Water bottles keep the water clean and fresh, whereas water bowls will quickly get dirty. Choose a glass bottle with a metal spout. Check water bottle daily.

Zebra mice
Zebra mice are a breed of mouse that have stripes on their fur.