Rabbit FAQs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut for Children: Rabbit FAQs
Perhaps you are interested in bringing a rabbit home as a pet, or maybe you already have and you want to know more about her. We have all the answers to your questions right here!

What kind of cage does my bunny need?
Your rabbit needs as big a cage as you can give her. The smallest cage suitable for a rabbit should be at least four times the size of your bunny.

You should avoid cages with wire floors, as they can hurt your rabbit's feet. Choose cages with wood floors, solid plastic floors or slotted plastic floors. If you already have a cage that has a wire floor, put down a cage mat, carpet, grass mat, or some other item to protect your bunny's feet.

You need to make sure that your rabbit's cage is fun and interesting for her! Make sure to put lots of fun toys and comfy bedding in the cage.

What should my rabbit eat?
Your bunny's daily diet should include a high quality fresh hay (alfalfa, timothy, oat, or grass hay), rabbit food (pellets), water, and fresh vegetables. Rabbits need a diet that is very high in fiber, so feed foods with lots of fiber in them.

Hay is very high in fiber, and your rabbit needs fresh hay every day. When your bunny is a baby, she can have lots of alfalfa hay. As she grows older, she should get very little alfalfa hay. Most of the hay an adult rabbit eats should be Timothy Hay, oat hay, or grass hay. Your bunny will prefer it if you keep the hay off of the cage floor with a hay manger. This will keep the hay cleaner and tastier for her.

Can I give my bunny treats?
Yes, you can give your rabbit treats made just for rabbits, but be sure not to give too many! Treats should only make up a small part of the food your rabbit eats every day. Whenever you can, give her healthy treats, like hay and grass treats. If your bunny's treats have a lot of sugar and fat in them, give them to her only once in a while. Too much sugar and fat will make your bunny gain too much weight and become unhealthy.
Why does my bunny chew on everything?
Chewing is a natural behavior for rabbits. They do it because they like to and because they need to. Chewing on wood and other items keeps her teeth short and is good for your bunny's dental health. Chewing also keeps your bunny from getting bored.

Because chewing is normal and necessary, you have to give your rabbit chew toys and chew treats. If you don't, she will chew on items around your house. This is dangerous for her and destructive to your belongings.

Can I play with my rabbit? What toys should I use?
Rabbits like playing with fun toys the most, though they will sometimes want to play with you and their toys. Bunnies like toys that they can:

Burrow in
Dig in
Climb on
Jump on

Those are the things your bunny will like to do most, so she will like toys that fulfill those needs.

When will my rabbit like to play?
Rabbits are nocturnal, which means that they are awake mostly between dusk and dawn. Your rabbit will like to play during the evening and at night.
How should I clean up after my rabbit?
Keeping your rabbit's cage clean is very important. A rabbit in a clean cage is a happy, healthy rabbit. Some chores will need to be done daily and others will need to be done weekly.

Clean up any messes or spills
Clean up loose fur
Change litter or bedding
Give your rabbit fresh food and water


Clean the cage - wash and wipe down floors, bars and ramps
Dump and wash the litter pans
Wash food bowls, water bowls, and water bottles
How long do rabbits live?
Rabbits that live in your house and are spayed or neutered can live to be 8 to 12 years old. Dwarf rabbits live longer than bigger rabbits. Rabbits that live outdoors will not live as long as rabbits that live inside because there are a lot more hazards outdoors.