Prepare to Give Your Dog a Bath
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Preparation...key to bath time success

BE PREPARED if you want hassle-free pet grooming! Think "coat, eyes, ears, teeth, and nails." A bath is not just a shampoo and rinse. Make your dog the center of your attention and give him a total cleaning that will keep him healthy - and save you money in the long run.

Keep your shampoos and grooming supplies together in a handy plastic bucket. Gather towels and other after-bath supplies such as grooming mist and a hair dryer. Plan to clean your pet's teeth and ears, and give his nails a quick trim before bathing. Many pet owners opt to use a grooming table, since it puts your pet at a convenient height for you.

Before bathing, make sure to brush out your dog's coat thoroughly to remove loose hair and mats. This also helps improve the effectiveness of the shampoo at reaching down deeply to your pet's skin. Next, apply a protective ointment to your pet's eyes to shield them against shampoo irritation. Many dog shampoos contain fragrances or detergents that can easily irritate your pet's eyes. Finally, pack cotton balls into your dog's ears to prevent excess water from entering the ear canal during rinsing. Excess moisture in the ears encourages bacteria and yeast growth, which can lead to recurring infections.

Give yourself plenty of time to make this a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both of you. Tasty dog treats are always welcome after baths.

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