Pet Containment Selection Guide
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As every pet owner knows, certain times and situations require that you safely contain your pet. Choosing the right product for your pet and your needs helps ensure your pet's safety and well-being when contained.

Provided below are brief descriptions of the various containment products available, as well as guidelines for their most common or appropriate uses.

Indoor Containment

Wire Cage Metal Cages

If you're looking to provide your dog with a safe, secure, indoor refuge of his very own, metal cages are an excellent choice. Many people initially consider cages to be unreasonable or unfair - a kind of "doggie jail." However, the exact opposite is true. Dogs are instinctively den animals who prefer a space of their own. In most instances, and when used appropriately, cages are beneficial and calming- a great solution to giving your dog a private, quiet space. Cages are also extremely helpful in housetraining puppies and in controlling destructive behavior resulting from teething, stress, or separation anxiety. Easy-to-assemble cages are available in two types: square-back (non-foldable) and fold & carry (foldable for easy transport). Drs. Foster & Smith offers a wide variety of cages, including popular and economical Basic 2 Door Dog Crate and Classic Crate 2 Door.

Drs. Foster & Smith also offers take-anywhere tent-style cages made from canvas or nylon. These lightweight, portable cages set up quickly, and are ideal for traveling, camping, or any time you want to give your dog a place of his own.

Cages are ideal for providing your dog with a quiet, consistent, stationary home within your home.
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Plastic Crate Plastic Crates

Crates are invaluable when you want to easily, conveniently take your pet out and about. Lightweight, plastic crates provide your pet with comfort, privacy, and security - whether you're traveling across town or across the country. In fact, major airlines now require plastic crates such as Compass Kennels to safely transport animals. Some plastic crates also fold down/collapse, further enhancing portability. You can also use crates in a manner similar to cages to provide your dog with an indoor home of his own.
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Pet Gate Pet Gates

Easy-to-install pet gates help you keep your dog out of trouble by restricting his access to specific rooms/areas or confining him to acceptable surroundings. For example, you can put a pet gate at the bottom of a flight of stairs if you want your dog to stay out of upstairs bedrooms. Several models are also expandable to fit wide areas - perfect for keeping dogs out of living rooms, dens, and so on. Used primarily indoors, pet gates are made of steel, plastic, or wood. These different types allow you to choose a gate to fit your pet's age, size, and strength.
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Room & Surface Barriers Room & Surface Barriers

Room & surface barriers simplify the process of teaching your pet to stay out of specific areas/rooms and off of countertops, windowsills, and furniture. These training aids use either mild electric pulses or alarms to reinforce your commands to stay out/off. And best of all, they keep working when you're not at home. Placing a Scat Mat at the entrance of a specific "off limits" room, or placing a Sofa Scram on a new piece of furniture will startle your dog - safely and effectively keeping him away from trouble or danger. Room and surface barriers also help keep specific rooms and pieces of furniture free from excessive pet hair.
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Vehicle Restraints Vehicle Restraints & Containment

Drs. Foster & Smith wants to help you make your dog's car rides as safe and comfortable as possible. Using vehicle restraints & containment in the car can help you protect your dog from getting hurt during quick stops, sharp turns, and accidents. These easy-on, easy-off harnesses, car seats, and barriers provide your dog with safe, strong, stationary restraints, and prevent him from falling or being thrown into the back of a seat - or worse, a window. Portable crates also make travel safer by keeping your dog confined to a small space, rather than allowing him to stand or pace in the back of your car.
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Outdoor Containment

Underground Fencing Underground & Instant Fences

Underground and instant fences give your dog freedom to go outside to eliminate, exercise, and explore while keeping him safely within the confines of your yard. Electronic fences are easy to install and can be considerably less expensive than constructing a fence, especially on large acreages. With an underground system, you simply bury wire around the perimeter of your yard, then outfit your dog with the electronic collar provided with the system. When he comes close to the wire, the collar delivers an audible warning tone. If he continues toward the boundary, he receives an electric pulse. Your dog will quickly learn not to cross the perimeter, thus reducing or eliminating the number of corrections experienced over time. Wireless "instant" fences such as the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Systemâ„¢ operate under the same principles, but do not require you to bury wire in your yard. Different electronic fence systems are designed for different sizes of dogs and varied ranges of restriction.
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Exercise Pens Exercise Pens & Kennels

Exercise pens and kennels, whether used outdoors or indoors, give your dog space to play and roam, yet keep him safely contained when you can't be there to supervise. Typically made of sturdy, durable metal, exercise pens are easily configured to fit any space. And while pens are extremely stable, they're easily disassembled for maximum convenience and portability. Kennels, available in a multitude of sizes, are great for placing on your deck or in your yard, giving your dog a safe, secure place to play and roam, while allowing him a great view of his yard and his family.
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Dog Houses Dog Houses

Whether your dog lives outdoors, or just loves the outdoors, a dog house strategically placed in your yard or in his kennel can maximize his outdoor comfort. Many dog houses are insulated to provide year-round comfort. Most importantly, a dog house provides your dog with a quiet, private place to relax while sheltering him from the sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.
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Pet Doors

Pet Doors Pet doors, designed for use in standard doors, sliding doors, or in walls (for room-to-room access), maximize your convenience and your dog's comfort by giving him the freedom to go out to eliminate or exercise whenever necessary. Many dog owners install a pet door which leads to an outside kennel or fenced yard, to ensure that their dog cannot run away. Pet doors are an ideal choice if your work day prevents you from letting your dog out at appropriate intervals during the day. They also help minimize the mess and odors of accidents, save your doors from unsightly scratch marks, and reduce boredom-related problem behavior. Many pet doors are also made with energy-efficient seals to keep the weather out. A wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any dog, combined with easy installation, make pet doors a good choice in controlling your dog's access to the outdoors.
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Pet Carrier Pet Carriers

Looking for a fun, convenient alternative to leashes or harnesses for your smaller dog? Try a pet carrier or pouch and take your dog out walking, hiking, or just with you wherever you go. They're also great to help older and disabled pets get out and safely enjoy the outdoors. Pet carriers and pouches, designed as backpacks, totes, or a combination of the two styles, offer safe, stress-free, comfortable travel during both long and short trips. In fact, some carriers double as a car seat and are easily belted into any automobile. All designs include storage compartments for food, water, and other essential pet supplies.
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Keep your dog safe, secure, and happy

A wide variety of innovative pet containment products make keeping your dog safe and comfortable easier than ever. Whether your best friend is a 5-pound indoor Chihuahua or a 55-pound outdoor Samoyed, Drs. Foster & Smith offers the cages, crates, kennels, houses, carriers, and much more to provide your dog with the safest, most inviting, most enjoyable environment possible.

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