Automated Feeders and Waterers 101
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Are you constantly filling your dog’s food and water dishes? Is your pet on a portion control diet? Does your dog crave tastier water? An automatic feeder or waterer is the answer to all your pet food and water delivery needs.

Automatic feeders are the simplest way to ensure your pooch never misses a meal. They are especially helpful for people with hectic schedules and ideal for dogs on veterinarian-recommended diets. The programmable LeBistro Electronic Feeder holds an amazing 5 lbs of food, yet dispenses measured portions at intervals you determine. Some, like the 2-Portion Automatic Feeder, can even serve wet foods. Any of our Signature Series Dog Foods are a great choice for the health conscious pet owner.

Similarly, automatic pet fountains help keep your dog’s water dish full of clean water. Many, like the Drinkwell Platinum, continually circulate water through a multi-stage filter to remove impurities, inhibit bacteria growth, and add aeration for taste and freshness. Best of all, most take water as needed from a large reservoir to help ensure your pooch is never thirsty.

Both types of automatic feeders and waterers eliminate feeding hassles. In fact, using each is like hiring a team of butlers to specifically cater to your dog’s mealtime needs – at a price everyone can afford!

Our Recommendations:

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LeBistro Electronic Feeder

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