Showing Your Horse: Pre-Show Checklist
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Equine Supplies Necessary for Horse Shows: Checklist for Horse Shows
Equine Supplies Necessary for Horse Shows: Checklist for Horse Shows
Horse shows are important to you. The last thing you want is to forget something important. Yet the time around a show is so exciting, you can be distracted from doing the most basic things. Download this simple checklist to ensure you've done everything you need to make your show as successful as you can.
2 weeks or more before the show
Did you remember to send in your registration materials?
Are all of your riding clothes clean and ready to be packed?
Do you have all of your horse's health papers you will need?

The day/night before the show

Clean & check your tack over thoroughly. Is everything usable? Do you need to replace pieces for safety? Is everything packed in the trailer?
Halter and lead
Show halter and lead
Saddle Pad
Cinch or girth
Lunge line
Extra halter and lead
Extra reins and cinch or girth
  Check your trailer to ensure that it is road-ready. This is a very important step and should NEVER be skipped. The safety of you and your horse, as well as other motorists rest on this.
How are the tires? Is the pressure adequate? Is the tread wear okay?
How is the inside? Are all the floorboards in place? Any rotting or cracking? Are fresh shavings put down?
Are the gates intact?
Do all the latches work?
Is the hitch in good shape?
Check brake lights/turn signals.
Check trailer tie or lead rope to secure horse.

Check your horse to see if she is travel and show ready. Do you have all the supplies you need for her health and safety?
Water, hay, buckets
Hoof pick
Currying equipment
Equine first aid kit
Fly spray
Emergency boot
Shipping boots or leg wraps
Electrolyte supplements for her water
Did you bathe and groom your horse?
Did you braid and clip your horse? Do you need to before you leave?
  Check your personal items for your comfort and safety.
Raingear (because you never know)
Insect repellent
Show gear
Cell phone
First aid kit
Extra rope, string, or shoestrings
Pocket knife
Duct tape - don't laugh - this stuff
can solve a myriad of problems
from patching up rain gear to acting as an emergency boot