Drs. Foster & Smith Delicious Dog Treats
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Drs. Foster & Smith Delicious Dog Treats

Check out our list of tempting dog treats - from meat, veggies to crackers - there's something for every dog.

poultry – the low-fat choice
Poultry is a very good source of protein and amino acids. Dog owners who are looking for a way to reduce the fat in their dog's diet can turn to treats made with 100% chicken breast fillets as a means of offering highly palatable low-fat sources of meat. Our Chicken Fillets Dog Treats are delectable 100% meat treats for extra energy and skin and coat health.

veggie – replete with antioxidants
Sweet potatoes are one of the world's most vitamin-rich food sources. They are loaded with Vitamins A and C, both power-packed antioxidants that can help reduce free-radical damage and promote the health of joints and internal systems. Our Healthy Snax® Sweet Potato Dog Treats are not only sweet and chewy, they are also virtually irresistible to dogs.

carbohydrates – for energy
The main benefit of carbohydrates comes from the quick energy they release. Carbohydrates support healthy brain function and keep muscles working smoothly. Our Oven-Baked Crunchies Dog Treats offer a tasty treat in a variety of flavors your dog will love. These mouthwatering USA-made treats contain real, hearty ingredients like oatmeal, honey, turkey, beef, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cranberries, and more to ensure goodness and amazing flavor in every bite. A perfect quick energy snack for working dogs or dogs on the go.
Choose treats based on these four criteria:
#1 YOUR INTENDED USE - If you plan to use treats during training, smaller treats are a good choice. They're quickly consumed and provide minimal distraction from training tasks.
#2 YOUR "TREAT FREQUENCY" - If you tend to feed treats to your dog often, consider smaller, lower-calorie treats, which will help him stay slim.
#3 YOUR DOG'S AGE AND RELEVANT MEDICAL CONDITIONS - Puppies often prefer smaller treats, and seniors with sensitive teeth often prefer soft treats. Dogs with food sensitivities/allergies can benefit from hypoallergenic treats.
#4 YOUR DOG'S PREFERENCES - It's always good to stock up on favorite flavors... after all, that's why they're a treat!

Chicken Fillets Dog Treats

Drs. Foster & Smith Chicken Fillets Dog Treats

Premium Natural Biscuit Dog Treats

Drs. Foster & Smith Oven-Baked Crunchies Dog Treats

Healthy Snax® Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Healthy Snax® Sweet Potato Dog Treats

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