Hummingbirds: Invite with Hanging Flower Baskets
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Hanging Baskets Entice Hummingbirds and Beautify Your Yard

Each spring, we look forward to the return of the hummingbirds. We scrub our feeders and boil fresh batches of nectar. Then we display the filled feeders in the
Hanging Baskets Entice Hummingbirds and Beautify Your Yard
perfect viewing spots. But hummingbirds are elusive creatures, and no matter how much we prepare, they may not appear. There is a simple solution - in addition to feeders, hang baskets full of nectar-rich flowers. 24 oz Glass Hummingbird Feeder

When turning a hanging basket into an irresistible hummingbird lure, keep three qualities in mind: shape, color, and variety.

Shape - Hummingbirds generally feed in mid-air, so plants with tube-shaped or dangling blossoms are easiest for them to reach.

Color - Red is a hummingbird's favorite color. Hummingbirds are attracted to flowers by color, not scent. They zoom to bright reds and oranges, especially those displayed against the dark background of a house or lawn. However, hummingbirds will feed from any color flower, as long as it produces nectar. Try the HummZinger Excel that is vibrant red.

Favorite Flowers for Hummingbirds & Hanging Baskets:
fuchsia, impatiens, geranium, nasturtium, petunia
Variety - To extend the feeding season, plant baskets with different kinds of flowers. Blooming times should overlap so the hummingbirds have a continuous supply of food. Hang feeders nearby as a supplemental food source.

Hummingbirds will remember the location of a feeder, even after being away over the winter! Be sure to hang your baskets and feeders in the same place every year.

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