Artificial Plants: Decorating Tips
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

  rtificial plants transform your underwater world from dull to extraordinary - almost instantly. They create a lush, natural-looking habitat with added color, dimension, movement, and cover - without the special conditions or care live plants require.

Gone are the days of bulky, tacky-looking artificial plants. Today's lightweight fabric or plastic varieties boast attention to detail and realism, making it difficult for admirers to distinguish them from the real thing. For example, flexible silky plants sway gently with the water to achieve a beautiful organic feel. And over time, artificial plants attain a natural patina of algae - further blurring the distinction between live and artificial plants.

Artificial plants are ideal if you don't exactly have a green thumb. They won't die, they require no pruning, and they stay beautiful season after season. Artificial plants will never rot or undergo natural biological changes, so they won't foul your aquarium water. They offer long-lasting beauty with minimal effort.

  Artificial plants are perfect for both beginning aquarists or seasoned hobbyists who keep large active fish, like cichlids, that dig up or destroy live plants. In breeding or quarantine tanks, they provide simple and attractive shelter. Artificial plants are an excellent low-maintenance alternative, offering many benefits, when live plants are not a practical option.

With an even greater selection of plant species, sizes, and construction, there's something for every aquarium and aquarist. Available in both freshwater and saltwater species, the use of artificial plants is now limited only by your imagination.

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