How to Create an Eco-Friendly Water Garden
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

  Looking for ways to enjoy your pond more while lowering your utility bills at the same time? With the growing selection of energy-saving and solar-powered pond equipment, it’s never been easier to build a backyard water garden that is both beautiful and budget-friendly.

Cut the Cord to Discover Solar Freedom
One of the simplest ways to save on monthly utilities is by investing in a solar-powered system that uses solar collection panels to directly power components or store for later use in rechargeable batteries. Since solar equipment frees your pond from the utility grid, installation is a snap. You don't have to worry about wiring, or hiring a contractor to run electrical out to the far corner of your yard. In turn, this frees the creative water gardener to place a fountain or spotlight far from any outlet, or move equipment from location to location throughout the season without hassle.

Enjoy Lower Utilities Year-Round with Energy-Saving Equipment
From ingenious gadgets to intelligent timers, there are a growing number of energy-saving tools to help you save on your electricity bill, including: Automated Timers - Imagine how much money you could save if you never forgot to turn off a light using the Intelligent Transformers. Or plug any electrical device to the Kill A Watt Power Strip to monitor pond equipment for budgeting monthly electrical use.

Temperature-Smart Outlets - Want to make your winter pond de-icer more energy-conscious? Simply plug it into a Thermo Cube Outlet Adapter for any standard electrical outlet, and its thermostat automatically turns off your de-icer if temperatures rise above 45 degrees, then back on again when temperatures fall back near freezing.

Employ Devices that Don't Consume Power
Our experts have discovered shortcuts that replace power-gulping equipment with an ingenious energy-free alternative for under $15!

Want to neutralize free-floating algae as it travels through your pond's plumbing - without a UV Clarifier? The Algae Magnet can be plumbed in-line to your existing system to help enhance your warm-weather battle against the green.

Explore the Sun
Manufacturers like OASE are leading the way into a greener future with solar-powered pumps, fountains, and lights. While water gardeners may expect to pay a bit more up front for solar-savvy pond gear, an investment this season will reward you with financial and creative freedom for many years to come.

With these energy-conscious approaches to picking the right equipment for your backyard paradise, it's never been easier to think green while saving the green. You'll enjoy a beautiful place to get away, and your budget will breathe a little easier as well!

Did you know?
In addition to creating a safe haven for migratory birds and other species, developing a backyard wildlife habitat is beneficial to the environment. An average-sized pond actually requires less monthly water usage than most manicured lawns. More importantly, ponds don't leach fertilizers or herbicides into the groundwater!

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