Dental Health Month for Small Pets: February
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Pet Dental Health Month

February 2008 marks the 14th anniversary of the
Pets Need Dental Care, TooTMNational Campaign.

During this month, veterinarians and pet owners will team up in support of better oral care. During the month of February, as part of National Pet Dental Health Month, the 14th annual "Pets Need Dental Care, TooTM" program will challenge veterinarians and their clients to schedule regular dental appointments for their pets and establish a home dental care routine.
All pets need good oral health care, especially your small pets. A healthy mouth can make the difference between a pet that eats a balanced diet with enthusiasm, and one that suffers from malnutrition because of mechanical and painful problems that make eating difficult. Be aware of your pet's oral health and what you can do to keep it at its best.

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