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Aquascaping Essentials Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Aquascaping Essentials: Keep Your Aquarium Looking its Best
Aquascaping Essentials: Keep Your Aquarium Looking its Best
Aquascaping (aquatic landscaping) is a fantastic way to create your own one-of-a-kind aquarium. Aquascaping also plays an integral role in providing aquarium inhabitants with an environment where they can seek shelter, breed, or rear their young. After carefully designing and achieving the right "look," regular maintenance must be performed to preserve the aquascape you worked so hard for.

Essential Tools
Gloves - Aquatic gloves protect sensitive skin from allergic reactions from salt or chemicals. They also prevent soap, lotion, or other harmful chemical residue on your hands from coming into contact with aquarium water, keeping your aquarium inhabitants safe while you perform aquarium maintenance.

Scrubbers/Scrapers - Remove unwanted algae from your aquarium walls easily and conveniently. There are scrubbers for large cleaning jobs, cleaners for glass only, scrapers for glass or acrylic, and even cleaners that have interchangeable heads for an all-in-one cleaning tool. Magnetic cleaners are great for a quick cleaning when you're short on time.

Drs. Foster & Smith Aquarium Wipes & Spray Aquarium Cleaners - Conventional cleaners contain harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, that are toxic to fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Use products that are specifically designed for aquariums. Many convenient aquarium-safe wipes, sprays, and cloth products are available to remove and minimize recurrence of fingerprints, water spots, dust and salt buildup.

Aquatic Forceps/Scissors - Position and maintain plants and corals without disturbing your aquarium inhabitants. Non-rusting aquatic tools allow you to easily reach deep into your aquarium to precisely place plants or corals, propagate corals or trim plants, giving you the ability to create the aquascape you desire.

Gravel Cleaners - Gravel cleaners remove ugly sludge and dirt layers from your substrate and help to maintain better water quality in your aquarium. Some gravel cleaners attach to your existing filter so you can clean the gravel without removing water.

Underwater Glue - Allows you to securely attach hardscape items such as corals, rock, and decorations to create dramatic caves, tunnels, or arches without the fear of them accidentally shifting or falling over.

Plastic Plant Cleaners - Specifically designed to remove stubborn biological and mineral deposits. Simply soak artificial plants overnight to extend the aesthetic value of your aquascape.

We Recommend

  • Drs. Foster & Smith Aquarium Wipes are nontoxic, pre-saturated wipes that clean glass or acrylic and help minimize recurrence of dirty aquarium surfaces.
  • Aqua Gloves are heavy-duty PVC gloves to keep you dry and help prevent water contamination during aquascape maintenance.
  • Mag-Float attaches to either side of your aquarium walls with magnets for easy inside aquarium maintenance.
  • Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer multi-tool automatically siphons, doesn't require a bucket, and won't spill.


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