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Aquascaping with Artificial Décor

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Artificial Decor

Artificial aquarium décor range from realistic to whimsical and wild. They offer creative hobbyists a means to express their personality. But more importantly, artificial decorations are a simple, carefree way to provide aquarium inhabitants with a sheltered, stress-free environment.

Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants The variety and realism of artificial plants have improved considerably over the years and aquarists are no longer limited to just a few choices. Artificial plants are available in plastic or "silk-like" construction, and a range of sizes for foreground, mid-ground, and background planting. The use of artificial plants is now limited only by your imagination.

Artificial plants are perfect for beginners or even seasoned hobbyists who keep large active fish, like cichlids, that dig or destroy live plants. Also, artificial plants are ideal for breeding or quarantine tanks, providing much needed shelter in a simple and attractive manner. They are an excellent low-maintenance alternative, offering many benefits, when live plants are not a practical option.

Artificial Rock Formations
Aquascaping with artificial décor such as realistic rock replicas have many added benefits. They are durable and won't degrade or break over time. Plus, you'll never have to worry about these rocks releasing pH-altering minerals, or introducing unwanted living organisms into aquarium water. Artificial aquarium décor provides aquarium inhabitants with secure hiding spots, instant interest and are available in assorted sizes, styles, and colors to match any budget and preference.

These fantastic decorations provide aquariums with an instant focal point. The different nooks and crannies offer interesting swimming areas as well as quiet, hiding spots for nocturnal catfish. These decorations also establish a theme that helps creative hobbyists with future decoration and fish selection. Decorations that are similar in style and theme create a cohesive, unified look that is interesting to look at and provide helpful cues to fish selection.

Artificial Corals and Reef Décor
The use of aquarium décor is not limited to only freshwater aquariums. Realistic polyurethane corals continue to increase in popularity among saltwater aquarists. They offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to wild specimens and provide fast and lasting enhancement. Artificial corals and reef décor turn any aquarium into a beautiful, colorful reef display. Water conditions, lighting, or the aggressiveness of your aquarium inhabitants does not affect these colorful and durable decorations. With artificial corals, you can create the reef aquarium you've always dreamed of in a fraction of the time and effort necessary to set up and cultivate the real thing.


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