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How to Use a Bird Mister

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Grooming Tools for Birds
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Natural Chemistry Ruffled Feathers Bird Bath and Feather Groom Spray
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When you see your feathered pal playing in his water dish, his obvious enjoyment is reminiscent of the joy that wild birds exhibit flitting around in a birdbath on a late summer day. The fact is: birds love to get wet.

A good spritz of lukewarm water will enhance your bird's appearance and help keep feathers in prime condition. Water can also help relieve stress during molting, improve comfort when indoor humidity is low, and it is especially helpful for birds that aren't preening normally. When you offer a "rainforest experience" for your caged bird, you also create a great bonding experience.

A fun way to make sure your bird gets his regular shower is to use a mister. Here are some tips to enhance your bird's H2O encounters:

  • Take your bird out of his cage – on to a training perch or another comfortable place. Remember, this is quality time.
  • Use either a clean squirt bottle or a product made specifically for this task.
  • Aim the spray directly over your bird's head so the water falls naturally, like mist or rain. Make sure the spray is not aimed at your bird’s face.
  • If your bird is not feeling well, skip the bath or misting until he is feeling better to avoid chilling or stressing him.

Daily or weekly? Leave it up to your bird – he'll let you know. If your bird spreads his wings wide to catch as much of the mist as possible, you know he’s enjoying it. Some birds may not enjoy their first shower or bath, but eventually most will look forward to it. If it is causing stress, talk to your veterinarian.

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Mister Spray Bottle
Mister Spray Bottle

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