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Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season

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Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season
As spring approaches, many owners notice changes in their female bird's behavior. They might witness their bird scratching or tearing at the newspaper lining in their cage, making a mess. Or, they might notice their female is beginning to pluck and collect her feathers. It may not necessarily mean there is a problem.

Breeding behavior
The above behaviors are instinctual, especially at breeding time. During spring, when the days begin to get longer, mature females may exhibit nest-building behavior and actively search for nesting materials. They can be very resourceful. If conventional nesting materials are not available, they will look for alternative items such as newspaper to begin construction of their nest. In some females, the urge to build a nest is so strong that they may resort to plucking their own feathers to use as nesting material. Removing the shredded newspaper from your cage without providing nesting materials to replace it can force some birds into this destructive plucking behavior.

Satisfy nest-making urges
If your bird has begun to show these breeding behaviors, you'll want to prevent any feather picking and help alleviate stress during this time by providing a nest and nesting materials. All-natural bedding materials are ideal, since they are made of items birds might find in the wild. In addition to satisfying the nest-building instinct, nests and nesting materials provide additional warmth, security, and stress relief. Watch and see what happens once you accommodate this nesting urge. You might find your bird "decorating" her nest. She may keep busy arranging and rearranging her nest, a very fascinating process to observe.

Our Recommendations
Natural Nests
Natural Nests
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UltraCare Nesting Material
UltraCare Nesting Material
helps birds with nest building instincts.


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