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Advances in Aquarium Technology

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Today's technology makes keeping an aquarium easier than ever
Looking back at the advancements that have been made in the aquarium hobby the past few decades, we can see how technology has improved the simplicity of keeping a successful aquarium. These advancements are the result of our increasing knowledge of the requirements of aquatic life, and are reflected in the improvements in filtration design, lighting, and maintenance supplies.

The technology in filtration has improved both in keeping our aquariums free of contaminants, and in the reduction of the amount of maintenance needed to keep our aquariums clean. The advancements in filtration that stand out most are in the biological and chemical processes as well as filter design. Bio wheels and wet/dry technology, as well as the different chemical medias that are available, have made it easier than ever to keep an aquarium with healthy, stable water conditions. The improved designs on most filters have made them easier to clean, as well as significantly reducing maintenance time.

The advancements in lighting technology in the past few decades has been incredible. Our knowledge of the lighting requirements of corals, invertebrates, and plants has increased dramatically, which has resulted in the development of many new lighting systems. The biggest improvements in the lighting systems has been the advent of electronic ballasts that are more efficient, operate cooler, and feature much longer bulb life. Along with the ballasts, the bulbs themselves have evolved. We now have a wide range of spectrums and intensities to choose from. Because of this, we are able to closely replicate the lighting that these organisms receive in the wild, making our success in growing these organisms much greater than in the past.

Maintenance Equipment
The new products that are available for maintaining our aquariums have made the chore of cleaning our aquariums a much easier task requiring considerably less time. For example, the Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer siphon hose has eliminated the need for carrying messy buckets around the house, and makes changing water a breeze. Cleaning the aquarium glass has never been easier since the introduction of the Mag Float algae magnet. Also, with the Aqua-Minder, there is no reason for us to forget when it is time to change water or perform maintenance on the filtration system.

Keeping an aquarium has never been easier thanks to the technological advancements in the products mentioned above, as well as many others. Now more than ever, keeping an aquarium of any type is easy, fun, educational and rewarding - whether you're a beginning aquarist or a seasoned hobbyist.


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