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Feeding for the Cure

Feeding for the Cure is an effort by Drs. Foster and Smith to help find cures for cancer in pets.

Dr. Smith, tell us how Feeding for the Cure works.

Dr. Marty Smith, DVMDr. Smith: It is simple. Buy any pet foods or treats from Drs. Foster and Smith - any brand, size, or quantity - and you'll be helping fund a cure for cancer in pets. That's because we've pledged to donate at least $50,000 annually to one of the top pet cancer treatment centers in the nation, Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

We realize pet owners have many choices of good places to purchase their pet food and treats. What we want pet owners to know is that a purchase of pet food from Drs. Foster and Smith will help make a difference in pet healthcare for years to come. Pet owners can be a part of finding new possible cures and treatments for animal cancers. A sideline benefit to Feeding for the Cure is that the work Michigan State University (MSU) does in finding advancements for animal cancer treatments and preventions may also lead to advancements in cancer care for humans as well.

Supporting Feeding for the Cure is a simple choice: feed your pets with food from Drs. Foster and Smith, and we will do the rest.

Dr. Foster, why did you select Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine as the recipient of your Feeding for the Cure donation?

Dr. Race Foster, DVMDr. Foster: Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine was selected for a variety of reasons. First, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine is a recognized national leader in canine and feline cancer research and treatment.

Second, you may remember from several years ago the Chinese melamine contamination of pet foods disaster, which affected some pet foods here in the United States. Michigan State University was the leader in discovering the cause of the contamination and in helping pet food manufacturers remove contaminated products. By their pet food safety efforts, Michigan State University literally saved thousands of dogs and cats from possible serious health issues or even death from melamine toxicosis. MSU's efforts in pet food safety fit very nicely with Feeding for the Cure.

Third, I'm impressed with the lead role they're taking in the exciting new field of Shelter Medicine. Teaming up with local animal shelters, MSU has launched an innovative program to give veterinarians and veterinary students valuable experience in various aspects of shelter medicine, including spay and neuter surgery, behavioral enrichment, and shelter adoption programs. I see MSU's groundbreaking work in that field as benefiting entire communities in the near future.

Finally, I am an alumnus of Michigan State University and I know first-hand the quality of their Veterinary College, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and related diagnostic laboratories. We should make it clear that Michigan State University has no affiliation with Drs. Foster and Smith and they are not endorsing us. Instead, we are endorsing them by financially supporting their efforts to find advancements in cures and treatments for pet cancers and in providing a quality education for future veterinarians.

For the thousands of readers and viewers who live in the proximity of Michigan State's Veterinary facility, I urge you to consider supporting their veterinary hospital. Their Emergency Care Facility is second to none in my opinion. Additionally, they offer referral services in most areas of medicine, as well as general medicine and primary care for the general public.

As I understand it, Feeding for the Cure isn't the first time Drs. Foster and Smith has reached out to help pet related causes or to help during a crisis.

Dr. Foster: Like many concerned companies, in the past we have donated money to animal related charities. Donations included land for an animal shelter to be constructed, pet food to support the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina, supplies for the canine rescue units of 9/11, financing to remodel a portion of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Michigan State University, and much more.

Feeding for the Cure, in keeping with that kind of focus, is an investment in pet health of the future, as pets will benefit from the discoveries and advancements made at Michigan State University.

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