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Allergy & Itch Control Comparison Chart for Cats

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Relief for your cat's allergies

Product: What it contains/does: Especially good for:
Vitacoat® Plus for Cats* Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Includes arachidonic acid, an essential fatty acid for cats, and antioxidants that are important for controlling inflammation on a cellular level. Helps reduce dandruff and protect your cat from pollutants in the environment. Builds healthy skin and coat.
*= Contains fatty acids

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Product: What it contains/does: Especially good for:
Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo Contains no fragrances and no artificial coloring – typical sources of skin irritation. Cleansing super-sensitive, allergy-prone skin.
Oatmeal Shampoo Soothing oatmeal helps moisturize dry skin and relieve the itch. Gentle cleansing of dry, flaky, or irritated skin. Excellent for cats with allergies.
Itch Stop Shampoo Contains hydrocortisone and lidocaine, two powerful ingredients that help with itch and inflammation. Fragrance free to prevent reactions. Cats suffering the itch of allergies or other skin conditions that cause minor irritations.
Septi-Soothe Shampoo 2% chlorhexidine is highly recommended by veterinarians for the safe, effective management of bacterial skin infections. Fragrance and dye free to prevent reactions. Cats with bacterial skin infections. May also help in the management of yeast infections.
Oatmeal Conditioner Deep-penetrating conditioner contains oat protein, chamomile, Vitamin E, and borage and evening primrose oils - thoroughly nourishes the skin and coat while soothing dry, irritated skin. Use after washing with any shampoo to moisturize dry, irritated skin.
Itch Stop Series Contains 0.05% hydrocortisone, a mild topical steroid for temporary itch relief. Available in lotion, gentle pads, salve, shampoo, and spray mist. Allergies manifested in the skin. Non-stinging hydrocortisone has been shown effective in reducing the itch from insect bites and most minor skin irritations. Commonly used as a spray, salve, or liquid-soaked pad.
Septi-Soothe Treatments Soothing pH-balanced formula contains antibacterial chlorhexidine to help control secondary bacterial infection on your cat's delicate skin. Available in spray mist, salve, or pads. An antiseptic first aid approach to soothe your cat's minor cuts, bites, and other skin irritations, lesions, or fungal growth.

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Ear Care
Product: What it contains/does: Especially good for:
Ear Clens® Pads/Solution Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Benzoic Acid break up earwax and optimize the pH in your pet's ear to help inhibit growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. Keeping ear canal and inner folds healthy, clean, and smelling fresh. Use solution inside ear canal and pads to wipe out debris.

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Product: What it contains/does: Especially good for:
Itch Stop Kit All three products in this pack: shampoo, salve, and spray, contain 0.05% hydrocortisone, recommended for easing the itch that allergies can bring on so strongly. Best for cats with allergic inflammation when used on a temporary basis. Also may be used in conjunction with an oral allergy regimen.

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