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Amitriptyline (Generic)
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Hill's Prescription Diet s/d Feline Dissolution Dry Cat Food
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Hill's Prescription Diet s/d Feline Dissolution Canned Cat Food
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Skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. It forms a barrier to protect your dog’s body from infections, parasites, and the elements, and maintains the body’s internal environment. Therefore, maintaining healthy, normal skin is critical for your dog’s well-being. Listed below are two major factors that contribute to the condition of your dog’s skin:

necessary nutrients

Dogs with allergies may show these symptoms:
  • Chewing on feet.
  • Rubbing face on carpet.
  • Scratching the body.
  • Recurrent ear infections.
  • Hair loss.
  • Mutilated skin.
  • Protein, essential fatty acids, zinc and Vitamins A, E, and B Complex are all vital for maintaining normal skin structure and function. Therefore, it’s important your dog’s diet meets his high requirements for these nutrients. In fact, healthy skin and coat can be maintained, and some skin problems avoided, if your dog is consuming a high quality, balanced diet, like our Adult Dog Foods.

    If your dog isn’t receiving a balanced, high quality diet, he may benefit from a nutritional supplement to help provide the fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin E your pet needs for normal skin.

    There are numerous genetic conditions that can cause problems with a dog’s skin. Some may cause progressive hair loss as the dog ages, some may result in the hair changing color, and others can cause skin lesions. The most common skin disease that has a genetic factor is allergies. A dog who is allergic to something will probably show it through skin problems and itching.

    Unfortunately, we cannot change our dogs' genetics to protect them from allergies, but we can help our dogs maintain normal skin with the use of allergy care products. Our Maximum Healthy Skin Kit includes effective skin care products like Premium Plus Omega-3 Gel Caps, which can support healthy skin even during allergy season.

    Products We Recommend:

    Adult Dog Foods

    Vitacoat® Plus

    Maximum Healthy Skin Kit


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