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Baltimore Oriole Profile

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Baltimore Oriole The Baltimore Oriole is a very pretty sight. Many bird watchers look forward to seeing them pass through their yards during spring migration. These orioles prefer open areas with tall trees, and they are common in many parks and suburban areas throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Interesting Facts:
Family: Icteridae
Scientific Name: Icterus galbula
Location: Baltimore Orioles can be found across much of the eastern half of the United States and southern Canada. They live at the edges of woodlands and in open areas with tall trees. You can also find them in parks and wooded urban areas.
Migration: During winter, this species moves south to more tropical regions like Florida and as far south as South America.
Nesting: Their nests are gourd-shaped and woven from hair, plant grasses, and man-made fibers. Nests are usually made on thin branches or a fork in a tall tree. A typical Baltimore Oriole lays 4-5 eggs.
Diet: In nature, the Baltimore Oriole feeds on caterpillars, insects, and spiders, along with fruits and nectar.
Size and Color: Approximately 7" - 8" in size. The breeding male's feathers are a bright orange to yellow-orange in color. He has a black head, throat, wings, and tail. The female is less colorful, with head and tail more dark brownish than black. Her body is paler orange. Both the male and female have a pointed, silvery bill.
Song: The oriole's song consists of a series of "hew-li" sounds, as well as other whistled notes. Its call is also a "hew-li" sound.
Attract Them: Baltimore Orioles are often seen sipping at hummingbird feeders. Oriole feeders are like hummingbird feeders, but they are usually orange in color instead of red and are designed with larger perches for the bigger size of the Oriole. The Baltimore Oriole is also fond of fresh orange slice offerings.
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