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Pond Essentials Overview

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Chest Waders Essential Products for Beautiful Water Gardens
With the spring season, most water gardeners can't wait to get their green thumbs wet again. Do you have new ideas for your waterscape this season but wonder how the pros keep their water gardens looking immaculate? The secret to great results with minimal effort is having the right tools. Make things easier, put together a kit of essential items, and spend less time maintaining your water garden and more time enjoying the benefits of your beautiful backyard paradise.

Floating Planters offer a unique way to add color to your pond. Aquatic Planters
Available in a variety of sizes and styles to make planting and rearranging your waterscape easy. Try these planters to experiment with new aquatic plant species. Think of it as container gardening for water gardens. Grow your favorite bog plants, annuals, or houseplants in Floating Planters to create a beautiful floating floral showcase. The plants are protected from nibbling koi and provide additional shade and cover for fish.

An indispensable item for the avid water gardener. Protects your hands and offers better grip in slippery conditions. Available in different styles for varying applications. Heavy Duty Aqua Gloves and Atlas Nitrile Gloves let you get into the water while keeping hands, arms, and clothing dry.

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Planting Media
Specially formulated blend of potting media for aquatic plants gives your plants a great head start. Microbe-Lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media is kiln-fired, 100% natural montmorillonite clay perfect for container plants, marginal plants, bog areas, and wildlife ponds. Kahuna Soil is a fine-textured blend of volcanic soil, coconut husk, and ocean calcium that nourishes and nurtures your plants. Lightweight, loose potting media allows proper root development, great drainage, plus iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and over 25 other elements for luxuriant plant growth.

Not all fertilizers are the same. Use fertilizers specifically designed for water gardening to maintain good water quality. Planttabbs Pondtabbs promote blooming and lush foliage in aquatic plants.

Tongs and Pruning Tools
Extend your reach to remove debris and trim plants in hard-to-reach areas. The Pruning Tool has two interchangeable heads to perform the job of two tools, keeping your hands dry and your water garden well manicured.

Visit for detailed information regarding the plants best suited for your planting zone.

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