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10 Simple Tricks to Ease Pond Maintenance

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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10 Simple Tricks to Ease Pond Maintenance

Pond maintenance does not have to take hours and keep you away from the serene pond you love. We have compiled our top 10 ways to make pond maintenance faster and easier:

  1. Don't overfeed fish. Offer quality foods and follow directions on amounts. Fish generate a great amount of waste, and uneaten food adds to that debris. Also, consider a pond fish feeder to automate feedings with consistant portions.
  2. Do not overstock your pond. Koi should be stocked based on an estimate of their full growth (we use an average of 21"), not on their size at purchase. Most well-maintained ponds will support 1" of fish per ten gallons of water. See our article on Koi Pond Stocking.
  3. Consider installing a fountain or waterfall. Either will give your pond a great source of aeration, which boosts the health of your pond, keeping it cleaner by allowing efficient biological filtration.
  4. Make filters easily accessible. This will ensure you can get to your filters fast to make a quick check and/or media change.
  5. Use plants to do some of the work for you. Plants use up the same nutrients as algae and provide shade so algae doesn't thrive. Less algae means less cleanup for you. Choose from our great selection of planting supplies and see our selection of live plants.
  6. Use pond netting to make short work of eliminating leaves and other debris. We recommend the easy-to-use Big Top Pond Cover.
  7. Wear the right gear. Waders let you do your work inside the pond without the mess.
  8. Use a pond vacuum to get rid of debris quickly. Our favorite is the Pond Vacuum XPV which quickly eliminates pond sludge.
  9. Utilize bacterial additives available in seasonal preparations to accelerate breakdown of leaves and other organic pond waste.
  10. Have the right tools for the job. For instance, Pruning Tool lets you do a clean and dry job when trimming hard-to-reach plants. Please see our great selection of maintenance accessories.

These 10 tips help make your pond maintenance job much simpler, so you have time to sit back, relax, and experience the joy your pond brings.

Spring & Fall Food
Doctors Foster & Smith
Spring & Fall Food

Premium, floating pellets help your koi endure stressful periods of changing water temperatures.
Big Top Pond Cover
Big Top Pond Cover

Multipurpose mesh netting covers for ponds.
WaterGarden Outfitters® Pond Vacuum XPV
WaterGarden Outfitters® Pond Vacuum XPV

Compact pond vacuum great for preformed ponds, water gardens, and water features.
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