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Pondless Waterfalls: Re-think Waterfall Features

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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A waterfall feature is a great addition to any dull or under-used area of your yard.

Both soothing and invigorating, a waterfall provides the ideal outdoor setting for gatherings of family and friends. If you think waterfall features are difficult to install and maintain, then think again. Pondless waterfalls let you enjoy the beauty of a pond and the convenience of a water fountain.

How a Pondless Waterfall Works What's a pondless waterfall?
Until recently, the most common way to have a waterfall feature was to have a pond or water garden. The pond provides the water source for the waterfall and a circulation pump, located generally in a pond skimmer filter, drives the water over the waterfall feature. A pondless waterfall feature, also called a disappearing waterfall, employs the same principle but without the large, exposed pond. The secret behind disappearing waterfall water features is a hidden reservoir containing a rugged pump vault.

The pump vault advantage
A pump vault is a large, slotted vessel that protects and conceals the re-circulating pump. The pump vault is placed inside an underground reservoir that is then filled with water and decorative stones. The effect is water that appears to spring forth from and disappear into the landscape. The pump vault allows secure placement of the circulation pump deep within this gravel bed, yet provides easy access for maintenance. Thanks to the pump vault, the illusion of a disappearing waterfall is preserved while reducing the laborious need to dig out the pump for service or replacement. As an added convenience, the pump vault can be fitted with an Automatic Fill Valve to keep the water level in the hidden reservoir at an optimal level.

Unique benefits of pondless waterfalls
It is difficult to resist the aesthetic appeal of a pond with a waterfall feature. However, there are certain situations where an exposed body of water may not be appropriate. Households with young children, limited or awkward backyard spaces, or homeowners on a time budget all benefit from the convenience of a pondless waterfall feature. Other benefits include:

  • Ease of installation compared to conventional ponds with waterfalls
  • Minimal need for upkeep
  • Reduced water use
  • Safe way to add a dynamic water feature
  • Compact size allows greater placement options
  • Instant focal point and conversation piece
  • Increases aesthetic value of homes
  • Exciting and manageable DIY project

Pondless waterfall features are an outstanding addition to any home. Due to their wonderful benefits, they are becoming a popular water feature for homeowners, gardeners, and pond enthusiasts.

Fundamental Products:

Firestone PondGard Liners Pump Vault

Pond Liner (Waterproof membrane)
    Firestone PondGard Liners

Submersible Pump

Plumbing Supplies

Waterfall Weir or Waterfall Filter
    Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall
    Savio Waterfall Weir
    Pro Biological Filter Falls

MicroPondless Waterfall Kit

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