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DIY Weekend Pond Makeovers

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Adding a Pond Waterfall 
  Add water movement with fountains
Personal touches add interest and focus.
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Whether you're dreaming of animating your landscape with a waterfall, adding underwater lighting for drama after dark, or anchoring your sanctuary with a sculptural centerpiece, here are three easy ideas to give your water garden a remarkable makeover... in only one weekend!
ANIMATE your landscape with a waterfall or fountain
The sound of falling water, whether subtle or strong, adds a rich dimension to any backyard water garden. It invites both wildlife and houseguests to investigate the source and rewards its host with tranquil music at the end of hectic days.

The basic equipment needed for this project includes a pump with sufficient lift power and the necessary plumbing to get the water to a desired elevation. For a fast and hassle-free waterfall, install a simple device to create a 16" wide curtain of water without the need for heavy, expensive flagstones. It will even provide supplemental bio-mechanical filtration for your plants and fish, and there's an optional faux granite cover available to blend naturally into your surroundings.

If you fancy a fountain, it's never been easier, thanks to all-in-one fountain pump kits. Each has a vertical stem and fountain head(s) built in, so you simply set in your pond and plug in - instant inspiration! There's a spray pattern for every mood and setting, from spherical bells to soaring trumpets.

ADD lighting effects for drama after dark
Want to enjoy your special retreat well after dark? It's as easy as adding some lights:

Set solar-powered spheres along the edge of winding garden trails to invite nighttime exploration into distant corners of your sanctuary. No wiring required! As long as you place them in full sun, they'll illuminate your walkways all night long.
Wiring up a few well-placed Fiber Optic Landscape Lights along shoreline landscaping showcases cascading waterfalls or adds sparkle to silvery fountain jets in mid air. There's a variety of light kits available, from single spots to multi-packs with transformers.
Add submerged lighting to awaken your lily pad shorelines with a serene glow. Your creative palette grows when you consider picking up a multi-colored light set with transitioning lens filters.

You can also automate your lighting system operations while saving on your energy bill. Rig your system to a light-sensing transformer that turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Other units feature one or more timers so you can choreograph all of your outdoor lighting from one convenient location.

ANCHOR your sanctuary with a sculptural centerpiece
One of the simplest ways to add eye appeal to any water garden is to create a focal point by installing an artistic or architectural element with substantial presence. In most cases, installation is as easy as setting it on the ground. This well-placed element will anchor the composition of your landscape design. Your new sculptural piece could be a centerpiece fountain or animal statuary. Or, traverse new pathways through your sanctuary with a wooden bridge rising over a gentle stream or boggy corner of your lily pond.

PRODUCTS for easy weekend projects
Fountains Water Features
Fountains Water Features
Floating Pond Light
Bird Pond Kit with 3 Tier Cascade
Pond Kits
Lifelike Lilies
Artificial Plants
& Ornaments
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