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Outdoor Exploration

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Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Exploration for Your Birdhe outdoors has a lot to offer your bird. Your bird will benefit from being exposed to fresh air and natural sunlight. It's also a way to simulate natural behaviors, add variety to out-of-cage exercise, and help alleviate boredom, especially after the long winter months. What could be more soothing than the gentle warmth of the sun, the sweet smell of spring flowers, and a gentle spring breeze? There are many
products available to help make the most out of your bird's outdoor experience. The list below will help you choose the best way for your bird to safely explore the outdoors.

Outdoor Safety

Health Tip
CAGE: An outdoor cage is a great way to give your bird a 360° view while keeping her safe and out of reach of potential predators and harmful pesticides and fertilizers. When you choose an outdoor cage, keep in mind that it should be safe and easy for you to move. Cages like our Model 125 Cage make a safe, portable enclosure for your bird while outdoors. You can also use your bird's travel cage as outdoor containment. If using a plastic travel cage, please check your bird frequently, as some plastic cages can quickly cause overheating. Simply place it on an outdoor table or chair to keep your bird safe and to prevent tipping.

PERCH: A perch is an excellent and affordable way to expose your bird to the great outdoors. You can attach a perch to the outside of your bird's cage or use a shower perch. Just be sure to also use a leash to ensure your bird's safety and prevent fly-aways. Perches like our Sandy Shower Perch can be attached to an outdoor window to keep your bird safely off the ground while outdoors.

PLAY GYM: A play gym gives your bird a feeling of freedom. Many play gyms are available with rolling casters so you can easily move it from the indoors to the outdoors.

Model 125 Bird CageSandy Shower PerchBlack Parrot PlaypenAviator Harness & LeashRound Parrot Playstand
The Black Parrot Playpen is easy to move and includes a toy hook for entertainment while your bird is outdoors. A leash should also be used when your bird is outdoors on a play gym, to ensure safety.

LEASH: Perhaps the most affordable and simplest way to bring your bird outdoors, a leash offers protection and safety while you are outside. You can attach a leash to a perch or playstand while outdoors to keep your bird safe and prevent fly-aways.

Please Note: For your bird's safety, always directly supervise your bird while she is outdoors, and be sure your bird has access to shade.

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