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Create an Ideal Cage Environment for Your Bird

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Ideal Cage Environment
Create an ideal home environment – and shave minutes from daily maintenance – with the right cage accessories.

In the wild, birds find hidden solitude within dense tree canopies or jungle undergrowth. They need similar opportunities to hide in the cage environment.

Cage-side fleecy sacks or soft bunkers are an economical way to give your bird a cozy, warm retreat. Other options include woven natural bamboo nests or wooden nest boxes. For larger birds, you can add real tree branches so your bird can hide under her own canopy right in the cage. Or, try covering just part of the cage with the cage cover.

nesting materials
In her native habitat, she's got a wealth of materials for nest building. She may display these instinctive behaviors in the cage on a seasonal basis, too, by shredding the newspaper lining on the cage floor or plucking out and collecting her own feathers. If you provide her nesting materials, she'll calmly decorate a cozy nest instead of plucking out her own feathers, and you'll have less cage mess to clean up. (For some species of birds, providing nesting materials can lead to persistent egglaying, which can be a health problem.)

Drs. Foster and Smith Cage Cover cage covers
At night, cage covers are a must to shield your bird from household lights and human distractions. Birds need a dark, quiet cage, out of the way of activity, in order to get the long, restful sleep they need. Some owners even use a smaller sleep cage in a quiet room.

perches and play things
Birds perch mainly on tree branches outdoors. The irregular surfaces help exercise her legs and talons, while the bark texture can help keep her nails trimmed. A homey cage has plenty of perches, with variable diameters, surface textures, and configurations. Sisal or cotton rope perches create a vinelike experience perfect for climbing.

Homey cages also have an assortment of playthings, such as toys, ladders, and swings. Birds adore a mix of materials from their native environments, such as sisal, wicker, and woven palm leaf. Be careful not to place too many toys in the cage at one time, however, since feather damage can result from birds constantly hitting cage accessories. Exchange toys for different ones weekly; you'll get a better idea of what your bird likes, and the freshness of new toys helps prevent boredom.

Bird Cage Linerssimplify cage maintenance

cage liners and litter
Some owners prefer the ease of precut cage liners. Droppings are easily inspected to detect changes, and they can be peeled away and replaced quickly. Other owners prefer to scoop droppings daily from a non-contact litter in the tray below the cage floor. Make sure to find a dust-free variety and replace all of the litter about every third day.

easy-fill, easy-clean cups
Use dishwasher safe cups that lift out of an attached base. Prevent your bird from chewing on bolts or hooks with cups that attach outside the cage. Cup shields save cleanup time; they deflect food/seed messes back into the cage. Make sure your bird's cups are cleaned daily, just as you would your own dishes. Stainless steel cups are durable and sanitary, while clear plastic makes viewing water/food levels easier. Change water daily, and if your tap water has impurities, consider using bottled water for your bird.

fast, easy wipe-downs
Non-toxic cage wipes are a boon for cleaning up food spills, misdirected droppings, and other cage messes, and can cut maintenance time considerably. They help you keep the cage more visually attractive while keeping odors resulting from bacteria buildup at bay, too.

Keep your bird's cage clean, well maintained, well stocked, and homey. Her thanks will come out in happy talking or singing instead of inappropriate behaviors.

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Natural Sisal Perches

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