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Vacation at Home with an Aquarium

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Vacation at Home with an Aquarium

The summer months when many families head to the beach or other popular hotspots for a vacation. But did you know that you could save money and create a fun, enriching hobby that the family can enjoy (for years to come) by investing in an aquarium? With the right equipment and preparation, you can capture the picturesque beauty of a Belizean reef resort without ever leaving your home for only a fraction of the cost.

save on vacation costs
A popular misconception about the aquarium hobby is that it can be too expensive for families to enjoy. But when compared to a weeklong trip, an aquarium can be a cost-effective and relaxing family vacation. At home, there's less of a crowd, no waiting in lines, and you know the food is good. Most of the cost of an aquarium comes up front to purchase the necessary equipment and inhabitants. Saltwater setups will be a bigger investment than freshwater, so budget as you would were it a vacation to meet your means. When it comes to upkeep, maintenance fees for food and water conditioners are relatively cheap in comparison to four tickets to a theme park or ballgame. For a truly decadent vacation, invest in an all-inclusive package like a IFALOS™ Keros Aquarium Kit and save money by bundling purchases, parts, and shipping together.

engage and enrich
Not only are aquariums budget-stretching ways to keep the family entertained, but they also provide the added benefit of learning about chemistry, physics, and biology. There is much to learn in the aquarium hobby, but the hobby itself is accessible enough that anyone from kids to adults can still enjoy the experience and tailor the hobby to meet their needs. Kids can begin their learning with a betta or starter kit. More adventurous hobbyists can delve into the mystifying depths of the hobby, from exotic flasher wrasses to colonies of mushroom corals. Families can interact with the aquarium and each other on a number of levels, from sharing maintenance and water testing to helping frag corals or plant a freshwater tank. And because aquariums require continual tweaking to remain healthy, your family will continue to engage with and appreciate the hobby for years to come.

fully customizable vacation
Best of all, an aquarium offers your family a custom vacation that can be tailored to the most specific of interests or needs. You can enjoy the exclusivity of a tropical destination as you watch a family of seahorses dance between patches of sun corals while relaxing with your family in the living room. Or, you might want to invest in a planted aquarium that is reminiscent of the lake near your favorite camping spot. Equipment and accessories can be customized to fit a particular color scheme or design sensibility, from different colored substrate and lighting options to choices between luxurious wooden décor or ultra-modern stainless steel. If you can dream it, the aquarium hobby can provide the means to achieve the perfect "vacation" your family can enjoy all year long!

How much can I save this summer by investing in an aquarium as a vacation?
Tickets for four to a theme park can run you upwards of $150. Combine that with the cost of driving or flying, hotel, and food, and you can easily spend several thousand dollars on a traditional summer vacation for your family. Setting up an aquarium can be done for a fraction of that cost and provide family enjoyment for years rather than weeks. Best of all, it is totally customizable - a benefit even the most luxurious of vacations can rarely provide without added cost.
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