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Adopted Pets: Give Them a Second Chance

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Holidays are the perfect time for extending charity and love. Give a second chance to a needy animal by adopting from a rescue organization or your local animal shelter. More than any other time of the year, the holidays are the time for extending charity, mending broken relationships, and offering second chances. We'd like to introduce you to a few of our catalog models who got a second chance to live healthy, happy lives, thanks to the goodness of rescue organizations and loving families employed here at Drs. Foster & Smith.

Weimaraner, "Muddy"
Owned by Kim Schumacher; Art Director, Print & Packaging
Muddy, a blue Weimaraner was adopted from a national Weimaraner Rescue organization.Muddy is a blue Weimaraner, (a coat color not accepted by the breed standard). His story is like that of many energetic, large dogs. His first owners chose him without fully understanding his adult size, energy level, and training requirements. It wasn't long before they were in over their heads. They kindly called Weimaraner Rescue, a national organization that rescues, fosters, and places Weimaraners. Kim and her husband, Matt, agreed to foster Muddy when he was 16 months old. He was greeted in their home by Layla, their female Weimaraner, and Stanley, their tabby cat. When no suitable owner came forward to adopt Muddy, Kim and Matt decided to keep him. They fell in love with his playful personality and were charmed that he would stop whatever he was doing just to be petted. Layla loves Muddy's companionship, and Stanley tolerates Muddy's comical habit of trying to squeeze into his tiny slumber nest bed. Now five, Muddy is a happy, permanent member of the family.

Terrier mix, "Lucky"
Owned by Candi Besaw; Stylist
Lucky, a Terrier mix, was adopted from a note posted on a local laundromat bulletin board.Candi and her husband, Don, lost their precious 22-year old Australian Terrier the same month their son went off to college. The emptiness in their home became a void they needed to fill. They searched locally to find a replacement for their terrier, to no avail. A friend cued them to a note posted at a local laundromat, seeking a good home for a mixed-terrier pup. Candi and Don were familiar with terriers, purebreds in particular, but decided all they needed this time around was good companionship, and that didn't require a pedigree.

That's exactly what they found in Lucky. They went to pick him up on a -20°F February day, and have since referred to him as "Lucky the Laundromat Dog." He has been a treasured member of Candi's family for 14 years and a frequent model in our catalogs.

Springer Spaniel, "Shadow"
Owned by Jeff Koser; Photographer
Shadow, an English Springer Spaniel, was rescued from an abusive situation and adopted from a local shelter. Shadow, now 7, found a new home at Jeff's four years ago after being rescued from an abusive situation. Jeff and his wife, Tondra, had no children at the time, and Jeff had experience with shelter dogs growing up, so they welcomed the challenge that a dog like Shadow presented. It took loads of patience and plenty of love, according to Jeff, but Shadow began to trust the two of them, eat on a regular schedule (he was severely malnourished when they received him), and has been retrained out of many submissive behaviors. When Jeff and Tondra had children, Shadow was super with them, helping his first daughter, Makayla, learn to walk by allowing her to use him for support. There's an enormous amount of satisfaction in rehabilitating a dog that's been mistreated, says Jeff. Shadow returns the affection he's received many ways, and has earned the rank as Jeff's number one fishing buddy.

Holidays... a Time for Caring and Sharing... and a Second Chance
If you're considering adopting a dog, we applaud you. Every dog deserves a loving, caring home. In some cases, however, these dogs come from backgrounds where there was stress, less-than-acceptable conditions, or even abuse. We recommend that once you select the dog you wish to bring home, wait until the hectic schedules of the holidays are over, and all the company has gone home, before you introduce your new pet into your family.

This Holiday Season, give to animals in need by donating a Drs. Foster & Smith Gift Certificate to your local animal shelter or rescue service. Adoption agencies will use your gift for much-needed vaccines, bedding, and other pet care essentials.

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