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What Sets Our Cat Furniture Apart: Compare Ours vs Theirs

Prevent Cat Scratching with the "3 D's" 
What Sets Our Cat Furniture Apart: Compare Ours vs Theirs 
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Cat Furniture Comparison

We believe that you and your cats appreciate the finest in furniture. One of the best ways to make sure your felines don't use your fine furniture to scratch, nap on, or swat at, is to choose quality, long-lasting cat furniture (constructed with your cat in mind).

Since your best investment is in quality construction that is built to last, we recommend that you choose furniture carefully. Some furniture is mediocre at best, and not manufactured under strict guidelines. The following is a list of high-caliber qualities to look for when you choose your cat's next playground.

Important Features to Demand in Cat Furniture:

  • OSB Wood construction - It's heavy, less tippy, stands up to constant use, and is more durable than particleboard.
  • Stapled carpet - Stays put, even for cats who love to claw.
  • Heavy-duty sisal that stays attached.
  • Carpeted hiding places.
  • Stain-resistant carpet.

Compare Features



Visible portions of our nooks
are lined with sherpa.


Our sisal is the heavy 8mm
thick braided jute.


Scratchable carpet is securely
stapled to our furniture. We
use wood composite,
not particleboard.


All our platforms (excluding base)
are carpeted underneath.

OSB Board

Our 1/2" to 3/4" thick OSB is
structurally sound.


Our sisal is securely
attached to post.



Their hiding nooks are not lined.


Their sisal is ordinary household rope.


Their smaller elevated platforms
are bare underneath.

OSB Board

Particleboard is prone to breaking.

The NO-TIP factor
Cats are active creatures. When they take a running leap onto their cat tree, you want to make sure that it's steady. Heft is one way you can tell a mediocre piece of cat furniture from high quality. Ask about what's under the carpet. We use only 1/2"-3/4" OSB wood on our furniture. Other manufacturers use particleboard, which is just not as sturdy. And, our bases are wide enough to handle the biggest, most active cat. Even if you have a "Super Cat," we have mega-sized furniture.

CAREFUL Construction
Good furniture is constructed with care. The highest quality comes from handcrafted attention. Look for these details:

  • Staples used to attach scratching material - no glue. The piece will last longer.
  • Quality carpeting; tight-weave nylon with built-in stain resistance. Cats love the firm, plush gripping surface.
  • Heavy-duty 8mm braided sisal rope.
  • If some cats had their choice, they'd scratch bark on a tree. Look for furniture with multiple scratching surfaces that include carpet, sisal and/or wood posts. We use solid cedar posts that may help provide odor control. Cats simply love it! And, as the posts mature as your cat uses them, they form characteristic cracks that keep your cat intrigued for ages while staying structurally sound.
  • Some cat furniture is carpeted only on the top sides of perches and cups. Check that you're paying for quality construction that includes carpeted underside surfaces.

Simply put, we deliver a wide variety of cat furniture for every budget and every household space. Our exclusive line offers choices from our simple Cedar Station to our more elaborate Super Deluxe Cat Tree. Customer favorites like our Spiral Penthouse and Classi-Cat Treehouse have delivered comfort, quality, and casual style for years. We have a piece for every taste.

HEIGHT Preferences
Know your cat. Some cats love to be above it all, some just like medium heights, some prefer ground level so they can stalk. Find the furniture that fits your cat's habits best.

At Drs. Foster & Smith, our cat furniture is handcrafted in our wood shop in upper Michigan. You can count on all the best quality features we have described here when you purchase our furniture. Your home is your cat's playground and in order to preserve cat happiness, make it as feline-friendly as possible.


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