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Safe & Satisfying Avian Outdoor Adventures

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Safe & Satisfying Avian Outdoor Adventures 
How to Enjoy Travel With Your Bird 
Outdoor Exploration 
Avian Safety Outdoors

Bringing your bird outside with you when you're gardening or doing other yard work is a treat. It stimulates natural behavior, keeps her alert, and provides the exhilaration of fresh air, sights, and a variety of sounds she cannot experience indoors. It can be a positive experience for both of you, but must be undertaken with some caution. To ensure your bird's safety and comfort, we recommend you keep in mind the following tips:

Day tripper - Take your bird outside during the day only, avoiding dawn and dusk when predators and pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes are on the prowl. A mosquito net is a good idea.

Caged bird sings - Keep her in a cage or aviary while outside to keep her safe from predators. This also prevents her from ingesting toxins, such as weed killers on treated lawns or gardens. Caging your bird also helps prevent exposure to other birds (or bird feeders), reducing the likelihood of virus or parasite transmission. Check door locks before each adventure, to ensure they're working properly. Our flight cages roll outside easily on casters and have secure latches and weatherproof construction, which make them ideal for outdoor use.

Bird watching - Keep an eye on your bird when taking her outside. Your close proximity can help thwart neighboring cats or hawks from frightening your bird or tipping over the cage.


Draw the shades - Birds can easily overheat. Keep your bird out of direct sunlight and wind gusts. Birds can also be easily frightened by wild birds flying overhead. If your cage does not have a solid roof, use a non-transparent material to cover the cage. Cage covers work well for this purpose.

Water daily - Your bird can become easily dehydrated outdoors, you must provide plenty of fresh water. Lixit Waterers keep water fresh, prevent airborne contamination, and hold a large capacity - the perfect outdoor cage accessory. Since this waterer is different than a cup, train your bird to use it before making it your bird's sole water source. Keep snacks and food handy, but make sure they won't attract ants or bees. Also, if outside for extended periods of time in dry conditions, you may want to provide a birdbath, so your bird can keep her feathers hydrated.

Play for keeps - Your bird's inquisitive nature is not at rest when outdoors. Keep plenty of toys on hand in her cage. This is an excellent time to provide toys made with bits and pieces found in her wild habitat, such as the Nature Cluster or all-natural toys.

Keep her close - If you wish to let your bird out of her cage when outdoors, make sure to use a Flightsuit w/Leash to help prevent dangerous fly-aways. These items safely give your bird freedom to fly, perch, and walk outside, while keeping her close by and out of harm's way. Since many unpleasant behaviors are the result of boredom and inactivity, you can do wonders for your bird's disposition by taking her along in your backyard activities. The exposure to backyard sights, sounds, and smells will give her something to chirp about. But her safety is paramount, so be sure to follow the guidelines detailed above.


FlightSuit with Leash

FlightSuit with Leash

Aviaries, Flight Cages

Aviaries, Flight Cages

Nature Cluster

Nature Cluster

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