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Aquarium Decorations: More than Just Décor

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Aquarium Decorations

From fanciful to functional, aquarium decorations are a quick and easy way to change the look of an aquarium. Whether you prefer SpongeBob SquarePants, sunken ships, or artificial plants, decorations provide instant results in any aquarium. However, decorations do much more than simply create a stunning aquascape...

Artificial Anemone
Use artificial anemones for a fanciful, freshwater setup.
Lifelike Artificial Plants
Mix various artificial plants for a lush display.
Artificial Corals
Gorgeous artificial corals are perfect for FOWLR aquariums.

Captivating Cover
Artificial plants, driftwood, and similar décor offer you a visually appealing aquascape, but offer your aquarium inhabitants a more important benefit - shelter. In their natural environment, fish have plants, rocks, driftwood, and more to provide them with a safe haven. Smaller fish hide from bigger, more aggressive fish, and defenseless baby fish avoid hungry predators. Ultimately, shelter is crucial for their survival. In your aquarium, you can provide ample shelter using artificial plants, driftwood, artificial corals, sunken ships, and more.

Dazzling Disguise
Aquarium decorations are also a great way to disguise unsightly plumbing. Fuse function with flair by cleverly concealing in-tank filters and plumbing with the beauty of aquarium ornaments. Let your creativity flow and choose from our ample supply of decorations. For example, a thicket of tall, artificial plants, or maybe even a spooky sunken ship strategically placed in front of your filter, powerhead, heater, etc., instantly makes your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing, while still remaining functional.

Flexible and Fun
With aquarium decorations, your aquascaping options are endless. Would you like an enchanting coral reef in your freshwater aquarium? Or, how about gorgeous freshwater plants in your saltwater aquarium? One of the best benefits of aquarium decorations is that you're not limited by water type. Most artificial decorations can safely go in either type of aquarium. So, your selection is limited only by your preference.

Pretty, Easy Plants
Artificial plants feature timesaving and long-lasting benefits. Simply rinse and place into desired location for immediate aquarium enhancement. They require no special lighting, no special substrate, and no supplements.

Within minutes, you'll have a lush aquarium that rivals any planted aquarium. Artificial plants have all of the aesthetic qualities of real plants without any of the negative. They will not decay or foul aquarium water, affect water chemistry, or introduce unwanted organisms, such as snails. To clean artificial plants, just rinse or soak as needed and use over and over again.

Cost Effective Corals
Decorations aren't just for freshwater aquarists. If the cool colors and spectacular shapes of corals attracted you to marine aquariums, but you were turned away by the cost and difficulty, then look no further. Durable life-like coral decorations are low-maintenance, do not require special water movement or lighting, and are relatively unaffected by aggressive aquarium inhabitants. They're much more affordable than the real thing, plus you'll save additional money because you don't have to feed them. All these benefits make them the perfect option for beginning marine aquarists.

Who should use artificial plants instead of real ones?
Artificial plants are ideal if you don't exactly have a green thumb. They won't die, they require no pruning, and they stay beautiful season after season. In addition, they require much less maintenance than real plants. So, they're the perfect option for beginners.
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