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How to Find a Cat-Friendly Apartment

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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One of the biggest challenges cat owners face when relocating is finding a landlord who hasn't had a bad experience with destructive or malodorous pets. But before you cross out any listing in the paper that reads "NO PETS!", consider these tips for improving your chances of you and your feline finding a new apartment.
  • Ask your current landlord or rental association to provide a letter of reference explaining how your pet was never a problem to any of the tenants and that your cat caused no damage to the property.

  • Supply documentation that your pet has been spayed or neutered and has had rabies vaccinations. Landlords see spayed or neutered cats as less likely to be a nuisance to neighbors or exhibit problem behavior.

  • Reassure the potential landlord you've found a safe alternative to de-clawing your cat by providing an appropriate surface to scratch upon, such as a Cat Tree or by placing Soft Claws Nail Caps over your cat's claws to protect surfaces.

  • Consider odor-reducing litter accessories. Let your potential rental manager know that your cat faithfully uses a litter box, and you dispose of your pet's waste properly. The Litter Locker Plus tightly seals waste in a plastic liner to minimize indoor odors until you take out the trash. Pet-Clear Crystals absorb odors and actually eliminate them completely - and they work forever.

    Brush your cat before the meeting to remove all loose hair.

  • Introduce your pet to the property manager. A well-groomed, well-behaved cat makes a very good impression. Try using a Waterless Shampoo to bathe your pet before the meeting, and brush her coat with a Dual-Sided Brush to tease out snarls and tangles, and remove loose hair with the pin brush side, while the bristle side will bring out the shine of her coat. Use Ear Clens® and Dental Clens® Pads to make sure her ears and teeth are clean.

  • Offer to pay a little more in security deposit or in monthly rent. Remind the landlord that it is very difficult for pet owners to find housing, and that you are committed to stay if she accepts you. This means dollars and cents to landlords, for they will be spared the cost and inconvenience of turnovers and damage.
If you give yourself plenty of time, do some homework, and adhere to the tips above, you'll probably be successful at finding a cat-friendly apartment.


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