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Up Close: Dr. Marty Smith Talks About Feline Odor Control

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Litter Box Comparison Chart 
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Feline Odor Control
What is the best way to prevent "that cat smell?"

Dr. Smith: "The litter box is the primary source of cat odors, so it is important to keep the litter box area as clean and fresh as possible.

Feline Odor Control

Many of today's new litter boxes help hide the odor, and are also a quantum leap forward in pet hygiene. Hooded Styles are available to contain waste and spray. The Jumbo Hi-Back Litter Pan even has an integrated zeolite filter to capture odors. Others feature built-in cleaning mechanisms, both manual and automatic, to make waste removal easier and extend the life of litter."

How often should I change the litter?

Dr. Smith: "Because cats, by nature, are very clean, they are more likely to eliminate outside the litter box when the litter box is un-scooped or dirty. It is very important to change the litter often. We recommend convenient, dust-free, clumping litters, which form waste into scoopable balls for easy disposal. Most contain odor-fighting ingredients, too, which keep your litter areas fresher."

What can I do to freshen the entire room my litter box is in?

Dr. Smith: "Maintain a clean litter box, first of all, but treat the air, also. Absorbents draw odor from the air by neutralizing or bonding with odor molecules. Odor Crystals are a good example. These volcanic zeolite crystals actually attract airborne odors and trap them into their porous surface. Another way to keep odors at bay in the litter box room is with the use of air fresheners. NilOdor Automatic Aerosol Dispensing System provides around-the-clock, battery-operated freshening, so even when you can't be there to spray after your cat uses the litter box, this system will freshen automatically. Be careful not to overdo scent use, however, because if the scent is too strong, your cat may avoid the room with the litter box and eliminate elsewhere."

When my cat has an accident on the carpet, what is the best product to use to clean it up?

Neutralize feline odors with Odor Crystals Dr. Smith: "Cleaners formulated especially for pets work the best. We have always recommended enzyme and bacteria formulas because they contain natural organisms that actually eat away or digest the stain. These formulas permanently remove stains and odors from the deepest fibers in your carpet. Good examples are OdorLogic® CleanAway and Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover."

What can I do about odors on my cat?

Dr. Smith: "If your cat is fussy about water, there are many ways to augment her grooming routine without giving her a full bath. Cat Bath Wipes are a must for any cat owner. They wipe away coat odors and condition your cat's skin and hair coat. Or, spritz on a waterless shampoo to keep her smelling fresh and clean."


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