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Smart Sugar Glider Quiz

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Test Your Knowledge

Are you as smart as Sam the Sugar Glider? Test your small pet smarts by taking the fun quiz below. Compare your score against family and friends to see who'll get a perfect 10!

Test your small pet knowledge.
Circle the correct multiple choice answer below each question.
  1. What type of small pet can roll into a tight, spiny ball?
    1. Gerbil
    2. Ferret
    3. Chinchilla
    4. Hedgehog

  2. Chinchillas take daily sand baths to maintain what part of their body?
    1. Teeth
    2. Fur
    3. Tail
    4. Eyes

  3. Ferrets often prefer what shaped litter box?
    1. Square
    2. Rectangle
    3. Triangle
    4. Corner

  4. What type of animal are sugar gliders closest in relation to?
    1. Giraffe
    2. Kangaroo
    3. Donkey
    4. Squirrel

  5. What does nocturnal mean?
    1. Sleep at night
    2. Awake at night
    3. Sleep during the day
    4. Eats during the day

  6. Herbivores eat mainly what type of food?
    1. Plants
    2. Insects
    3. Meat
    4. Ice cream

  7. A marsupial has what unique body feature?
    1. Spines
    2. Quills
    3. Fur
    4. Pouch

  8. What type of treat is the best to give your pet?
    1. Multi-functional
    2. Large
    3. Tasty
    4. Funny looking

  9. Where do gerbils get most of their needed water?
    1. From lakes
    2. From food
    3. From a water bottle
    4. From snow

  10. What type of small animal can sort-of fly?
    1. Sugar glider
    2. Gerbil
    3. Hamster
    4. Rat

Answer Key

  1. D. Hedgehog
    They have strong muscles that act as a drawstring to pull their skin tight around their sides and down over their feet and head when frightened. This "rolls" the hedgehog into a spiny ball.
  2. B. Fur
    As chinchillas roll and frolic in special grooming sand or dust, they remove excess oils and moisture to keep their velvety-soft fur healthy and clean.
  3. D. Corner
    Ferrets tend to back up into a corner when going to the bathroom. Be sure the corner litter box is big enough so all of your ferret can fit inside of it.
  4. B. Kangaroo
    Sugar gliders are marsupials, like kangaroos and wombats.
  5. B. Awake at Night
    Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and are active at night.
  6. A. Plants
    Herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat meat, and omnivores eat both plant and animal products.
  7. D. Pouch
    Female marsupials have a pouch in which they carry and nurse their young.
  8. A. Multi-functional
    The best treats taste great and also satisfy your pet's natural instinct (to chew or nest) or are nutritious. Know what treats are best for your pet. For example, rats need low fat treats, and ferrets should have treats high in protein.
  9. B. From Food
    Gerbils are adapted to life in desert regions and obtain almost all of their needed water from the natural foods that make up their diet. But having fresh drinking water available to your pet gerbil is still necessary to quench her occasional water needs.
  10. A. Sugar Gliders
    With a skin fold that stretches between their front and back legs, these tiny animals can catch air like a parachute and glide over 150 feet through the air.
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