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Trail Ride Checklist

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Trail Riding with Your Horses: Checklist of Supplies for Trail Rides Trail Riding with Your Horses: Checklist of Supplies for Trail Rides
You want your trail rides to be safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. But often, in the excitement of the day, we forget the most basic items as we rush around, struggling to get on the road as soon as possible. Print out our simple checklist and make sure you have everything you need to make your trail ride a success.

Check your horse to see if he is travel ready. Do you have all the supplies you need for his health and safety?
Water, hay, buckets
Hoof pick
Currying equipment
Equine first aid kit
Fly spray
Emergency boot
Shipping boots or leg wraps
Copy of health papers if required
  Check your tack over thoroughly. Is everything usable? Do you need to replace pieces for safety? Is everything packed in the trailer?
Halter and lead
Saddle Pad
Cinch or girth
Extra halter and lead
Extra reins and cinch or girth
Portable Paddock

Check your trailer to ensure that it is road-ready. This is a very important step and should NEVER be skipped. The safety of you and your horse, as well as other motorists rests on this.
How are the tires? Is the pressure adequate? Is the tread wear okay?
How is the inside? Are all the floorboards in place? Any rotting or cracking? Are fresh shavings put down? Are rubber mats installed to prevent slipping?
Are the gates intact?
Do all the latches work?
Is the hitch in good shape?
Check brake lights/turn signals.
Check trailer tie or lead rope to secure horse.
Check windows and/or air vents.

Check your personal items for your comfort and safety.
Helmet   Raingear (because you never know)
Sunscreen   Insect Repellent
Energy bars   Water, water, and more water
Cell phone   First aid kit
Trail pass, if needed   Canteen or water bottle
Gloves   Flashlight
Extra rope, string, or shoestrings   Pocket knife
Compass or GPS   Kerchief
Extra clothes in case you fall into something wet or muddy   Whistle to alert passersby in case you get into trouble
Duct tape - don't laugh - this stuff
can solve a myriad of problems from
patching up rain gear to acting as an emergency boot
  Reflective wear for night riding for both you and your horse
Proper riding boots (never wear tennis shoes)   Camera
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