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Run-In Sheds: Horse Shelter Overview

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Horse Run-In Sheds: Convenient, Instant Shelters for Any Equine Pasture Horse Run-In Sheds: Convenient, Instant Shelters for Any Equine Pasture
Horses relish being turned out to pasture. It allows them to freely graze, play, and gallop like their wild mustang cousins. It also promotes overall physical and digestive health, which helps keep your horse fit, prevent colic, and more.
It is so beneficial, in fact, that almost all healthy horses should be turned out to pasture for a few hours each day, if not continually. But pastures can be harsh environments - ripe with excessive sun, wind, rain, snow, or insects. However, there is an easy and economical way to help protect your horse and promote safer turnout time.

run-in shed benefits
At their most basic, run-in sheds help protect pastured horses from the elements. They offer shade from bright summer sun, escape from spring and fall rains, and act as a barrier against strong winter winds and snow. In addition, run-in shelters help create an insect-free reprieve from stable, horse, face, and other flies that tend to shy away from shaded areas. Overall, your horse seeks a run-in shed for comfort, no matter the season or weather.

But run-in sheds also benefit your horse's health. Since many promote airflow, most run-in shelters are better ventilated and accumulate less dust and mold than stalls or stables. This helps prevent respiratory distress and illness, as well as other health conditions. Furthermore, unlike stables or barns, run-in sheds also allow your horse to enter or leave the shelter if and when he wants. This allows your horse to quickly escape weather, insects, or dominant pasture mates, which helps promote psychological well-being, activity, and greater overall health.

advanced, modern designs
Traditionally, run-in sheds were three-sided structures fashioned from wood, tin, or cinder block. True, these structures offered weather protection and free access for your horse. However, most also had high maintenance costs and questionable safety, especially after a season or two left in the pasture. In addition, the third side stifled ventilation and often served to trap less dominant horses in the herd.

Our modern run-in sheds, however, offer the ultimate in safety, ventilation, and convenience, all with minimal or no maintenance costs. Each design includes:

Open Ends - creates airflow and an escape route for trapped or startled horses. In addition, the added airflow also deters insects. Dual open ends also ease manure removal, cleaning, and more since you can drive a small tractor through the entire shed. Run-In Shelters also work great for hay storage.
Weather Resistance - both our domed and peaked run-in sheds feature a one piece, fitted UV-treated and weather-resistant polyethylene cover for added weather protection. Each is fashioned from three-layers of ripstop fabric with hot air fused seams, added fade blockers, and
  anti-fungal agents. This design offers weather resistance year after year, unlike traditional wood or tin designs that often leak and require costly repairs.
Durability - high grade, tubular steel frames are designed to withstand years of use, unlike wooden frames that rot over time. Each frame piece features a 13-step Rhino Shield powder-coat that helps prevents chips, peels, rust, and corrosion unlike standard metal or tin painted sheds.
Versatility - heavy-duty corner braces and ground anchors offer the permanence of more traditional structures, but also permit the entire run-in shed structure to be easily moved. This allows you to move or reposition the shelter as needed to compensate for weather, water drainage, pasture grass recovery needs, and more. Plus, the large size easily accommodates water buckets or ground feeders for your pastured horses and also permits storage of farm equipment or hay when not used by your horses.
All-Inclusive Design - each convenient kit includes all the connectors, bolt hardware, braces, and anchors you need to construct the steel frame and support the polyethylene cover. This speeds construction and allows you to build an instant shelter anywhere you need, right out of the box.

Peaked Equine Run-In Sheds offer protection for multiple horses. economical price
Our modern run-in sheds are priced to shelter both your horse and your pocketbook. The costs of building a traditional wood, metal, or concrete design quickly add up. In fact, most experts agree that lumber, roofing, siding, and necessary hardware can easily total over $2,000 for a standard, mid-sized, traditional run-in shed. Add labor and equipment rental costs into the mix for ground preparation, poured footings, and more and your initial cost can quickly soar above this amount.

Worse, yearly coats of paint, repairs to rotted or damaged wood or tin, and upkeep can detract from any budget. Plus, traditional structures are permanent, which means you'll have to build multiple shelters if you rotate your horses between pastures year after year. But our affordable run-in sheds include all the building materials you'll need and are designed to last without the need for upgrades or repairs. Better yet, each easily moves between pastures to further protect your horse from weak grass growth, increased parasite egg loads, and more.

In fact, when you add up all the health benefits, safe design features, and economical price, our equine run-in shelters offer great protection in your pasture at a price you can afford.

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