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Pomeranian The alert and intelligent Pomeranian is a very active breed that has a lot of energy, though still enjoys lying quietly next to her family members. Due to the small size of this breed, the Pomeranian requires only minimal space and can adjust to apartment living easily. In general, the Pomeranian will fearlessly defend herself or her family from other unfamiliar dogs and may even "take on" a dog many times her size.

Interesting Breed Facts:
Popularity: 13th in 2008; with 13,215 registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
First recognized as a breed: The Pomeranian was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1900, although it had been shown since 1888. The current AKC standard was approved on December 9, 1996.
AKC Grouping: Toy.
Appearance: Pomeranian The face has been referred to as having a "fox-like" expression and the muzzle is short and straight. The ears are small and held erect. The eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped, and dark. The tail is carried curled over the back. The Pomeranian is easily recognized for its double coat, with the undercoat being soft and thick and the outer coat having long, straight hair that is harsh (rough) to the touch. The coat on the head and legs is shorter than on the rest of the body. The coat can be any color, pattern, or variation of three, including black and tan, brindle, or parti-color.
#1 preventable health problem: Dental problems are a concern, so be sure to follow a regular dental routine. It is also recommended that you feed your Pomeranian dry kibble for dental health.
Preferences: A Pomeranian, in general, is fairly easy to train and can even excel in obedience due to her eagerness to please her family. A Pomeranian is usually very playful and enjoys attention. This breed likes to "strut her stuff" and has even been called "cocky" due to her self-confidence and animation.
Best features: The Pomeranian is an intelligent breed full of energy and enthusiasm. This breed is also very dedicated to her family. With her love for her family and her eagerness to please, the Pomeranian makes a fantastic companion as well as a superb show dog.
Biggest challenge to owners: Unless you plan on the Pomeranian acting as a watch dog, barking may be a problem. This breed will most likely need to be trained to control barking, especially if you have neighbors nearby.


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