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Beds: Why Your Dog Needs One

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Beds: Why Your Dog Needs One 
Dog Beds: 4 Ways to Shop Smart 
Why your dog needs a dog bed

While most of us don't often think of our own personal bed as a cherished possession, it is probably one of the last pieces of furniture we would ever want to live without.

A good bed provides insulation, support for our backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of her own, she gets all of these benefits, and more.

When pet parents ask what items they need to purchase for their dog, a good dog bed is always at the top of the list - along with a collar, leash, food, and feeding dishes. Dog beds are extremely important; in fact, we consider beds essential for all dogs regardless of size, breed, or age.

Dog beds provide important benefits:

  • Insulation Dog beds keep your dog off the cold, drafty floor year-round. In the wintertime especially, many dogs love to curl up in a nesting-type bed like a Slumber Ball, which provides warmth for both comfort and good health.
  • Privacy & security Beds give your dog just-for-me places throughout your home to retreat to whenever necessary. She'll love having one or more places to call her very own.
  • Cushioning for joints and bones A soft place to lay is especially important for older, arthritic, or overweight dogs. Orthopedic Dog Beds are designed specifically for dogs who need extra joint support and comfort.
  • Increased control over loose hair & dander Dog beds hold shed hair and dander in one, easy-to-clean location. Many of our customers choose a bed offering extra/replacement covers so they always have one cover to use and one to wash.
  • Injury prevention Dog beds help prevent injuries by keeping your dog from jumping up to and down from high furniture. This is especially beneficial for smaller breeds and older dogs.
  • Dura-Ruff® Indoor/Outdoor Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Protection, comfort & security for outdoor dogs Dogs who spend large amounts of time outdoors need a bed as much as - or more than - inside dogs. Our Dura-Ruff® Indoor/Outdoor Orthopedic Dog Bed offers tough, water-resistant comfort in virtually any location.

Beds are much more than soft squares to place randomly throughout your home. Beds offer many benefits and play a large role in your pet's ongoing health and satisfaction. Choose the best bed you can afford for your budget. And remember, if you need assistance choosing a bed, call our friendly agents at 1-800-826-7206.


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