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Why Cats Crave Warmth

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Cats: Creatures of Comfort. . . and Warmth 
Why Cats Crave Warmth

You will often see a cat snoozing in a sunbeam, laying down by a heater, curled up on your lap in a warm bun, or cuddling on your face when you're in bed - especially when the ambient temperature is cool. Face it, cats like heat. But why so much?

From the time they are born, kittens have a keen sense of temperature from receptors on their faces. This helps them find their mother before their eyes have opened. As they grow into adulthood, these temperature receptors become even more sensitive.

Temperature receptors other than those in the face can be insensitive to temperature extremes. This is why cats can get burned without knowing it, so choose a heating source with reliable temperature control. There is no better temperature control than your cat's own body heat, and now you can capture that heat in the super-thick Cozy Cushion®. The Cozy Cushion contains a special thermo-reflective material core that takes your cat's body heat and conserves it, reflecting it back to him when he needs it most. It is similar to reflective blankets that the astronauts use. Other examples of reliable, regulated warming for your cat include our Heated Cat Cup Bed and the Purr Pad, which can be used alone or placed inside your cat's bed for additional warmth. Plush sleep area and flat design are great for cats that like to stretch out.

If your cat loves to soak up rays in windowsills, our carpeted Window Perch or a You & Me Scout & Snooze Window Cat Perch will help keep him cozy (especially during colder months) and allow a great view of the outdoors.

If your cat is a furniture-dweller, add gentle warmth to his favorite chair with our soft plush Furniture Throw, which also helps keep furniture free of hair.

Keeping your cat comfortable and giving him the warmth he craves can be easy and inexpensive.

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