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Packing for Your Ferret

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Traveling is always more fun when you can take your ferret with you! Whether you're going for a walk in the park or on a car ride, traveling with your ferret is easy and safe with the variety of convenient ferret travel supplies available.

Whenever you go out with your ferret, you should always use a carrier. This gives her a place to relax if she gets tired as well as a secure place to go if she gets a little scared by her new surroundings. You can choose to use a traditional plastic ferret carrier or a wearable carrier to keep her close to you.

Most carriers will have convenient pockets or compartments to keep the items you'll need when out and about with your ferret. Here are just a few of the items you should bring.

A quick walkabout...

  • Harness and lead - whenever your ferret is out of her carrier, she should be in a harness and lead. This is for her safety and for your peace of mind.
  • Extra retractable lead - ferrets love to explore, and retractable leads allow them free, safe movement. Typical ferret leads are about four feet long, whereas most retractable leads give your ferret at least ten feet of freedom.
  • ID Nametag - always secure an ID tag to your ferret's harness. Ferrets can be very quick, and you want to ensure their safe return if they accidentally get away from you.
  • Water Bottle - ferrets can get dehydrated very easily, so it's important to have lots of water available. If you are using a plastic or wire ferret carrier, you can attach the water bottle to it.
  • Waste Pickup Products - it's very likely that your ferret will feel the need to use the bathroom at some point while she's outside. Though ferret stool is small, it's still an act of courtesy to pick it up!
  • Food, treats, and toys - would you want to travel without snacks and things to keep you occupied? Neither does your ferret!

For longer outings and road trips...

  • Plenty of food and water - ferrets eat regularly, no less than every four hours, so if your trip may last that long, make sure to bring enough food and water.
  • Medications - many medications that ferrets are on are time sensitive and must be given a certain amount of time apart. Make sure to bring all the medications your ferret may need, and if they need to be refrigerated, put them in a small cooler.
  • Playpen - if you are going to be staying somewhere other than your home, whether that is a hotel, motel, or friend's house, it's highly unlikely that it will be ferret proofed. Bring a playpen to give your ferret a safe place to play and get some exercise.
  • Extra litter - Ferrets use the litter box a lot! Bring extra litter so you can scoop their litter box regularly.
  • Vaccination paperwork - ferrets must be vaccinated against canine distemper and rabies. Whenever you take a road trip with your ferret, you should always have the medical records and vaccination certificates with you.
  • Plan your route - choose only ferret friendly motels and avoid ferret-free zones. If you are going to have to stop at a motel, make sure they accept ferrets. You won't be able to leave your ferrets in the car if they don't. You will also want to check your route and make sure that you aren't going to travel through any "ferret-free zones." Ferrets are illegal in California, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington, D.C., to name a few places.
  • Be prepared in case of emergency - have contact numbers for your veterinarian, family and friends in case anything happens to you or your ferrets.
  • Keeping your ferret safe and comfortable when she's out of the house should always be your first priority, but with the right supplies, all of your trips will be as fun and easy as they are safe!
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