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Bird Feeding: 4 Common Problems/Solutions

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Bird feeding solutions: Simple Solutions to Bird feeding Problems
When feeding wild birds, we strive to be conscientious caretakers. We select sturdy, bird-friendly feeders and set out top-quality feed. Yet trouble can still arise at the feeder. Here are several solutions to the most common bird feeding problems.

Squirrel Buster ClassicNo-Shows
You hang out feeders, but the birds don't arrive. Try moving your feeder from a tree to a post - the Universal Pole Kit works with any feeder. Lowering or raising the feeder may also help. If changing the location of the feeder does not work, then do a little research. Make sure you are offering the best kind of seed for the birds in your region.

Squirrels can be cute and entertaining, but when they are pilfering all the seed from our feeders, they are just plain pesky. Squirrels can climb almost anywhere, especially if there is a convenient tree trunk or porch railing nearby, so hang feeders far out of their reach. Choose counter-weighted feeders, like the Squirrel Buster Classic, that will only support the weight of songbirds and cardinals. We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant feeders that not only deter squirrels, but also beautify your yard. Alternatively, distract squirrels with tasty Cobs of Corn or Adirondack Chair & Squirrel-In-A-Jar Feeder. Feeders placed in corners of your yard far, far away. You can also try a hanging or pole mount baffle to deter persistant squirrels.

Uninvited Guests
Squirrelproof Double Suet Feeder Wild birds arrive at your feeders in droves - blackbirds, pigeons, doves, crows, and house sparrows. But wait, these aren't the guests you invited. To make your feeders appealing to only certain wild birds, limit the amount of cracked corn you feed, and stop tossing bread and other table scraps in the yard. Also, hang feeders that are designed to deter nuisance birds. The Squirrelproof Double Suet Feeder is surrounded by a cage with small 1-1/2" openings to let in smaller wild birds and discourage larger ones.

Mysteriously Empty Feeders
You fill your feeder to the top, and the next day it is empty. You probably have a furry, late-night visitor. Raccoons, deer, bear, and rodents are delighted by such an easy treat source. Try filling your feeder only partly full, with the amount of food the birds can eat in one day. Or, bring your feeders into a secure area such as a garage or shed at dusk.

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