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Summer Tips - Enjoy Time Outdoors

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Summer Tips

With the warmer days of summer ahead, we encourage you to provide your pet with more outdoor time and exercise during the coming months. Exercise is critical to your pet's physical health, and the stimulation of the sights and sounds of the outdoors is excellent for your pet's mental health. Here's a checklist of things you should have on hand to make sure your pet remains safe outside and gets the most benefit from the time spent outdoors.

  • Nametags - Your pet should always have a current nametag on his collar. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you have a fenced in yard, an exercise pen, a tie out, or plan on being with your pet the entire time.

  • Water - Fresh water should always be available. Change the water frequently to prevent the possibility of contamination. It's best to keep a separate dish outside as a visual reminder for you, and for your convenience.

  • Toys & Bones - Give your dog something to play with and chew on to relieve boredom, especially if she will be alone for some time. Chew toys provide hours of postive, focused activity for dogs, and interactive, fetch toys like balls or Frisbee-type discs are great for exercise.

  • Spend as much time with your pet as you can - Dogs need human interaction and attention. If left alone for too long, they may get insecure which could lead to behavior problems. You should be with your dog as much as possible.

  • Shade - Place your outdoor pen in a shaded area for your pet's safety, particularly on hot, sunny days. If no shade is available, you may want to choose a pen with a top cover. Tie outs should also extend into a shaded area.

  • Think safety - Make sure you choose a tie out area that is clear of dangers such as drop offs, elevated decks, low-hanging branches or anything that could cause strangulation or injury.

  • Prevent excessive wear on your lawn - Move your outdoor pen, doghouse, or tie out regularly if you do not want your lawn to show signs of wear.

Summer is a great time of year to have a pet. We hope you'll make a commitment to spending more time with your pet outdoors, whether it's through increased play time, daily walks, or even just having your pet join you in the yard while you're relaxing in the sun.


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