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What's Cooking? Bird Cooking Blends Offer Mealtime Variety

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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What's Cooking What's Cooking
Cooking blends add variety to your bird's pelleted diet Formulated pellets supplemented with fresh foods are the cornerstones of proper avian nutrition. Since your bird craves variety in food as much as he seeks attention, however, it's important to give your companion a wholesome variety in foods. Try using cooked foods as part of his weekly treats.

Cooking blends can strengthen the bond with your bird since you are taking the time - as little as it takes - to prepare the meals. You don't need to cook for your birdevery day, but these foods add lots of variety to any bird's nutritional regimen.

Variety is the spice of life In general, birds do not readily accept new and different foods. The aroma of tasty cooked foods can guide your bird to eating habits that are richer in contrasts and interest. The multi-color "eye appeal" of cooking blends can also add variety.

Social eating Some birds are social eaters. Cooking blends can be used to make your bird feel part of your family. Use a cooked food as a "dessert" and feed it to your bird when you sit down with your family for dinner.

Make switching to pellets easier You can crush pellets and add to the cooked blend after it is cooked, to help transition from a seed diet to a pellet diet. Although a bird may pick out the goodies he wants, crushing the pellets and distributing them throughout the meal will help him become accustomed to the pellets' taste, and you can slowly add whole pellets bit by bit.

Convenience Many bird owners seek out bird-friendly recipes online or in books. But cooking from scratch takes additional time. It's hard to find a recipe specifically targeted to your bird's tastes.

Convenient cooking blends, such as Pretty Bird Birdy Banquet, contains an exciting blend of fruits, veggies, pasta and rice. Cooked foods give you the choice to add fresh foods for even more variety and nutrition.

Depending on the number of birds you are feeding, you can cook a batch once a week, and then freeze or refrigerate small portions for use as needed. What could be more convenient?

Quick Tip
To save individual meals, cook up a batch and freeze them in an ice-cube tray.
Behavior effect
Q. Why do birds need variety in their diets?
A. Offering your bird variety in his diet can make the difference between a happy bird and a frustrated, apathetic pet.
Higgins Worldly Cuisines Cooking Diets Higgins Worldly Cuisines Cooking Diets Easy-to-make cooking diet for birds - just add water. Pretty Bird Birdy Banquet Pretty Bird Birdy Banquet An exciting blend of fruits, veggies, pasta and rice. Roudybush Gourmet Soak & Feed Diets Roudybush Gourmet Soak & Feed Diets Smart bird diet you simply soak and then feed.


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